February 14, 2023

Your Club Makes: 6 Mind-Blowing Murcot Puffer Vests!

We’re in love with this month’s Cashmerette Club pattern: the toasty warm Murcot Puffer Vest! We’ve lined up six innovative takes on the cozy and bust-friendly Murcot to get your creative juices flowing.

The Murcot is a gorgeous go-to layering piece that will have you feeling snug and warm no matter the weather. This fully lined puffer vest pattern is designed for curves with princess seams and multi-cup sizing. It also includes a cozy inner batting layer, standing collar, optional puffy welt pockets, and two quilting templates.

The Murcot Puffer Vest comes in sizes 0-32 and cup sizes C-H and is available exclusively to Cashmerette Club members. Not a member yet? Join today for as little as $9 (cancel anytime).

There are so many ways to personalize the Murcot, so let’s get inspired! 

Whitney’s Murcot Puffer Vest

Whitey’s stylish Murcot Puffer Vest is made for curves and comfiness but with plenty of pizzazz. She used a bright orange pre-quilted cotton fabric (a great idea if you prefer not to do your own quilting!) for the body and flannel backed satin for the lining.

Whitney made her Murcot in a size 10 G/H. Her measurements are 36” high bust, 41” full bust, 33” waist, and 40” hips. 

Whitney told us this about her Murcot make:

“It feels so on trend! I love that Cashmerette managed to draft a puffy vest that doesn’t make my large bust look top heavy.  This is the first time I’ve felt good in a puffy vest!”

Check out more of what Whitney is making over on Instagram at @tomkatstitcherycarmel and on her YouTube channel.

Tegan’s Murcot Puffer Vest

Tegan went with cozy iridescent layering for her Murcot Puffer Vest and we’re loving it. She chose a lightweight silkara nylon/poly blend for the outer, the batting is Quilter’s Dream Puff, and the lining is an ultra-soft poly faux fur minky. 

She made a 28 at the shoulders and graded to 32 G/H for the bust, waist, and hips. She also personalized her purple Murcot by converting the snap placket to a zipper front—check out this blog post to see how she did it! Her measurements are 46” high bust, 60” full bust, 50” waist, and 60” hips. 

Here’s what Tegan shared about her Murcot Puffer Vest:

“Outerwear is probably my favorite thing to sew, and the Murcot was no exception!  The process of trimming, basting, and stitching together the batting might seem tedious, but it gets such a smooth result and allows you to quilt an all-over design on your vest even with perfectly-fitting princess seams.” 

You can follow Tegan on Instagram at @tl_mathews.

Theresa’s Murcot Puffer Vest

Theresa’s Murcot make can be likened to a soft rainbow hug: bright, cozy, and colorful. Retro meets modern in this dreamy color blocked vest made with washed cotton.

She made a size 8 E/F, graded to a 10 at the waist and a 12 at the hip. Her measurements are 33” high bust, 38” full bust, 31” waist, and 42” hips.  

Theresa shared this about her Murcot Puffer Vest:

“This puffer vest is one of my favorite things that I’ve ever made. I had a vision to follow the quilting lines to create a color blocked vest, and it turned out even better than I hoped. This vest is retro meets modern and fits beautifully. I feel like I’m giving myself a big, warm hug when I wear it. The beautiful finish gives it a high end feel. I absolutely love it!”

See more of Theresa’s makes over on Instagram at @lostmythread and on her YouTube channel.

Basma’s Murcot Puffer Vest

Basma made her magnificent Murcot Puffer Vest with a vibrant African waxprint from her stash.

She made her Murcot in a size 30 G/H cup with no adjustments. Her measurements are 52” high bust, 57” full bust, 51” waist, and 61” hips.

Basma had this to say about her Murcot Puffer Vest:

“It was great to finally work with batting and learn how to use the quilting foot for my sewing machine. The resulting vest is very cute! I’ll probably make it again and cut the collar in half and freestyle the quilting pattern.”

Follow along with more of Basma’s makes on her website and on Instagram at @basmashimmies.

Preeti’s Murcot Puffer Vest

Preeti is a vision in blue in her snap-up Murcot Puffer Vest. She used a supplex nylon for the exterior, cotton flannel for the interior, and wool batting. 

Preeti made a size 10 G/H. Her measurements are 36” high bust, 40” full bust, 33” waist, 38” hips, and she is 4’11”. 

Preeti shared this with us about her Murcot:

“I love the Murcot Puffer Vest. This project really stretched my sewing skills. It was my first time sewing princess seams, quilting, making welt pockets, and installing snaps. The clear Cashmerette instructions ensured my success and the awesome drafting ensured a great fit. I never thought I would be able to sew a puffer vest. I’m so glad I joined the Cashmerette Club.”

Check out more of Preeti’s makes at @expressionist.makes.

Marissa’s Murcot Puffer Vest

Marissa made her Murcot Puffer Vest in a performance fabric giving it a cool sporty look. On the exterior she used Nike Storm Dri-Fit deadstock and on the interior she used wool batting and lined it with cotton lawn.

Marissa made her Murcot in a size 4 C/D. Her measurements are 33” high bust, 34” full bust, 28” waist, and 38” hips.

Here’s what Marissa had to say about her Murcot make:

“As always, Cashmerette makes sewing simple. Between the quilting and welt pockets this could have been an overwhelming project, but clear and detailed instructions helped me take this project one step at a time and I’m so proud of the final results!”

Check out what Marissa is sewing over on her blog and on Instagram at @sew_help_me.

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3 thoughts on “Your Club Makes: 6 Mind-Blowing Murcot Puffer Vests!

  1. Airiel says:

    I love Tegan’s. The way the v shaped quilting provides such great lines on the vest and they look so good with the pockets. The fit is just perfect! I also love the zipper. Truly a fabulous vest.

  2. Carolyn Cobb says:

    I love Tegans too. The fit with the color block color choice is truly couture in my book.

  3. Susan says:

    I love Whitney’s Puffer vest. It’s bright, beautiful, and something I could do with prequilted fabric. So inspirational.

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