June 20, 2022

Sew your dream Willowdale with dozens of bra kit options!

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Update 8/30/2022: We’ve added a new European supplier!

Sew a Willowdale Bra that fits AND looks absolutely fabulous with dozens of bra kits available all over the world! These gorgeous kits created for you by 11 different bra supply shops take the hassle out of sourcing your own bra making supplies.

The Willowdale Bra is a full frame underwire bra with a 4-piece cup design for vital support and lift in a beautifully rounded shape—the perfect bra for a large bust. It’s available as a PDF pattern in band sizes 28-54 and cup sizes C-J. That’s 126 unique sizes to help you get a fabulous fit!

Sourcing fabrics and notions for bra-making can be a bit more complicated than simply heading to your local fabric shop. But we’ve made it beyond easy by partnering up with specialist bra supply stores around the world to bring you so many gorgeous kits.

These kits are designed specifically for the Willowdale Bra (pattern not included in kits) and sold and shipped by the stores from their websites. There’s limited stock of each kit, so if you see something you like, get it before it’s gone!

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New kits added! Porcelynne’s Willowdale Bra Kits

Porcelynne is a small business based in Florida, USA. They offer a wide variety of lingerie and bra making supplies for both the home sewist and the small business owner.

Porcelynne has created over a dozen Willowdale kits for you to choose from! (Underwires are sold separately here.) Here are some of our faves:

Peacock blue kit // Black & hot pink kit // Gray & black kit

Black heart kit // Blue & black kit // Dark green & cream kit

Need fabric to make a test Willowdale? Porcelynne has a selection of sample making fabric and notions.

And here’s an up-close look at Porcelynne’s Willowdale kits:

New & restocked kits! Tailor Made Shop’s Willowdale Bra Kits

Tailor Made Shop offers curated lingerie and swimwear sewing supplies for the modern sewist. They’ve created 6 stunning Willowdale kits for you to choose from, including 3 that we were able to photograph on our lovely models. (Underwires are sold separately here.)

US and Canadian customers can order directly from the Tailor Made Shop website; all customers can order from their Etsy shop here.

Black & white kit (Etsy link) // Gold dot kit (Etsy link)  //  Pink & blue kit (Etsy link)

Multi-color kit (Etsy link) //  Black & berry kit (Etsy link) // Large-scale floral (Etsy link)

New kits added! Bra Builders’ Willowdale Bra Kits

Bra Builders is an online lingerie fabric store which specializes in bespoke kits that meet their customers’ needs at the intersection of function and beauty. They believe in the myriad ways that beauty can be expressed, and they love and support them all. Bra Builders is known for generous fabric allowances in their kits and their wide array of colors and laces.

Bra Builders is excited to offer over a dozen Willowdale kits (underwires are included), plus a special offer: save 10% storewide with code WILLOWDALE! (Limit one use per customer).

Cherry Lemonade kit // Firecracker kit // Love in the Mist kit

Shades of Gray kit // Berry Beautiful kit // Truly Taupe kit

Additionally, they’re offering 2 Willowdale kits exclusively for attendees of the International Bra Sewing Bee, a 4-day virtual conference for bra makers of all skills levels! To get access to these adorable kits, you’ll need to first sign up to attend the Bee, and here’s another special treat: get $10 off the Full Access Bundle for the Bra Bee when you use code WILLOWDALE at checkout.

The International Bra Sewing Bee is a comprehensive annual bra sewing conference. They have courses for all sizes, shapes and skill levels, and there is an entire event focused on beginning bra sewists. The Bra Bee is a collaboration of some of the most loved and respected women in the bra sewing world, and they generously share their knowledge and enthusiasm. This event is entirely online and very affordable, making it an excellent value in extending your sewing education.

Bra-makers Supply’s Willowdale Bra Kits

Canada-based Bra-makers Supply is the leading global source for bra making and corset making supplies. They supply top-quality supplies for the home sewist, independent custom bra-makers, and ready-to-wear manufacturers.

Bra-makers Supply has created a Willowdale kit where you can choose from 18 lace and fabric options and pair them with one of 15 findings color options for over 200 possible kit combinations! (Underwires are sold separately.)

B,Wear’s Willowdale Bra Kits

B,Wear is a Sweden-based bra supply shop that specializes in European fabrics and laces. They’re excited to offer you 7 Willowdale kits available in View A and View B. (Underwires are not included.)

Ivory & peach kit // Black kit // White floral kit

Antique pink kit // Light blue kit // Teal kit

SewMe’s Willowdale Bra Kits

SewMe is a Poland-based bra supply shop for all your bra making and swimwear needs. They’ve added two Willowdale Bra kits to their shop!

Sew Wardrobe’s Willowdale Bra Kits

Sew Wardrobe is a one stop shop where you can purchase patterns, fabrics and haberdashery to create a complete me-made wardrobe. from bras and corsets, to tops and jeans, the LBD and winter coats.

Sew Wardrobe is offering two Willowdale kits (underwires are sold separately.)

Navy kit View A // Navy kit View B // Apricot kit View A // Apricot kit View B

Stitch Habit’s Willowdale Bra Kits

Stitch Habit is a UK-based bra shop that offers a wide range of lingerie supplies as well as classes.

Stitch Habit is offering one Willowdale Bra kit and two findings kits (underwires are sold separately) plus 10% off storewide with code WILLOW10.

Black satin kit // Ivory findings kit // Black findings kit

Fit2Sew’s Willowdale Bra Kits—SOLD OUT

Fit2Sew specializes in bra-making supplies and is the UK distributor for Bra-Makers Supply. Owner Mandy started the shop going on 6 years ago to fill the gap in the market that she discovered when she tried to make her first bra.

Fit2Sew is offering 6 Willowdale kits for you to choose from! (Underwires sold separately.)

Booby Traps’ Willowdale Bra Kits

Booby Traps was the first bra kit company worldwide and has had many years of experience in providing customers with good quality bra kits in a lovely range of colours and finishes.

Booby Traps have created 20 kits for you to choose from with customizable findings, plus a special offer: get 15% off elastics, lace and fabrics until Sunday, June 26 with code WELCOMEWILLOWDALE!

Leopard kit // Esme kit // Splendour kit

Fredrika kit // Sunrise kit // Roses kit

Nellie Joans’ Willowdale Bra Kits

Nellie Joans Lingerie Findings is a sewing supplies shop for all things bra making plus briefs, swimwear and activewear! You can shop online or in-store at their boutique shop in the heart of Taranaki, NZ.

Nellie Joans has created 4 kits for you to choose from! (Underwires are included.)

Black/blue kit // White/aqua/coral kit

Black/blush // White/purple kit

We hope you fell in love with a Willowdale kit or two that you saw here, and be sure to check out each of the stores for more kit options as well as fabric and notions that you can buy separately to create your own kit. Then get ready to start sewing your beautiful new bra!

22 thoughts on “Sew your dream Willowdale with dozens of bra kit options!

  1. Lisa Chafin says:

    This looks amazing! However, I need a bit of padding in my bra. Does this pattern and/or these beautifully designed kits accommodate this material option?

    1. Ayelet says:

      The Willowdale isn’t designed for foam and so the kits don’t include foam in them.

      -Ayelet at Cashmerette

      1. Cecile says:

        But will you give us any tips or hack for adding foam cups? I would love to make this pattern, but like Lisa, i need bras with foam cups (my nipples are very showy XD and I don’t like nipple covers)

        1. Ayelet says:

          Since the pattern wasn’t designed for foam, we’re not recommending it and don’t plan to have a tutorial for how to do it. But you’re of course welcome try it on your own—there are tutorials online for how to adjust pattern pieces for use with cut-and-sew foam.

          -Ayelet at Cashmerette

  2. Katherine Marmara says:

    The link for the Booby Traps kits appears to be broken

    1. Ayelet says:

      It’ll be live soon!

      -Ayelet at Cashmerette

  3. Cee says:

    I’m so excited for this pattern. I’m only able to print one size and no instructions from the download (Internet Exploror) but I may purchase the printed pattern with the beautiful instruction book. Will there aventually be a workshop to purchase? I hope so!!

    1. Ayelet says:

      Hi Cee, each file only has one size on it, but you get access to all 126 sizes! The instructions file is there as well, you may just need to scroll all the way to the bottom to see it. We are not planning on printing the pattern at the moment but may have a workshop in the future.

      -Ayelet at Cashmerette

  4. Beth says:

    omg! When I was in high school back in the ‘70’s, I made all my own clothes, and people would ask, “did you make your underwear?” So this pleases me no end.

  5. Mimi Routh says:

    What thrills me is the one picture of the lady in the black and white bra — how it absolutely sticks to her chest in the center — that is a well-fitted bra! How seldom I achieved that with ready-made bras that cost a fortune anyway! And now there’s bra-lets God help us! Thank you for making the whole business so easy! Kits and everything! Fifty years ago I was taking tap dancing lessons after work in San Francisco. With every shuffle-hop my bra straps would fall off (V’s Secret 34C) and I’d be tugging away, so embarrassed! Thank you! Thank you!

  6. Kate says:

    It’s really great to have all the kit options and so considerate that you thought of all the global regional options. Makes it a lot less daunting and a lot more fun. 🙂

  7. ep says:

    Just a little disappointed in the lack of EU options, though 🙁

  8. Kathy says:

    I also miss EU options ☹️ Plus more (metric) information on the underwire sizes…

    1. Sheila Munro says:

      Tailor made charging more on the Etsy shop in pounds compared to dollars in their main shop, so not likely to use them and yes, more EU options would be lovely. Sewing Chest in UK has a great amount of supplies, I use them often.

  9. stephanie says:

    beautiful bra and so many nice options in kits. i have yet to try to make my own yet. but i’ll get the nerve eventually. i have to say, nellie joans saw a chance and took it. love how they display their findings….. BOOB. hahaahahah

  10. Kate says:

    Am very interested in learning to do this. Do you need a serger. I don’t have one unfortunately. Also what is skill level. Thank you. They are beautiful

    1. Ayelet says:

      Hi Kate, you can sew the entire bra on a regular sewing machine. This pattern is rated intermediate.

      -Ayelet at Cashmerette

  11. Sheila says:

    Fit2sew does not have any kits as far as I can see unfortunately, are they still setting them up please?

    1. Ayelet says:

      Hi Sheila, they’ve sold out of them but we’re working on getting more UK kits up. Sew Your Own Wardrobe has some here: https://www.sewwardrobe.co.uk/international-bra-sewing-bee/

      1. Sheila Munro says:

        Thanks – I ordered from them and there is enough of everything for at least 2 bras barring the notions!!!! Just cut out, so this will be my muslin and it would be lovely if some of the companies did muslin packs, so lower quality material etc and put on them the amount of stretch – so someone like myself who is not a confident bra maker can gether some stuff in for the muslin practice.

  12. Natalie says:

    Sewme Kits in Poland does not offer any Willowdale Bra Kits anymore 🙁 Do you have by chance any information if it’s temporary or permanent?

    1. Ayelet says:

      I suggest reaching out to them directly to find out! They may be able to make a custom kit for you.

      -Ayelet at Cashmerette

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