May 9, 2022

An Alton Blouse in Bermuda

I know you’re not meant to have favourites but… the Alton Blouse is my absolute favourite Cashmerette Club pattern so far! Today I’m showing off my lovely Alton Blouse that I took with me on a recent trip to Bermuda.

The Alton Blouse is everything I want in a top: breezy, with a fantastic floaty fit, and awesome statement sleeves that look cool but are still comfortable to wear (I’m getting way too old to suffer for fashion, darlings…). Have you downloaded the Alton Blouse yet? If not, there’s still time to get it for just $9!

There are a few ways you can get the Alton Blouse:

  • Just want the blouse but not to be part of the Club on an ongoing basis? No problem! Just sign up for the “Base” level at $9, download the pattern, and then cancel your subscription (you can do that easily in the Club dashboard, or by emailing us at This option is available to get the Alton until the end of May!
  • Fancy trying the blouse and getting my latest masterclass on dart fitting, attending the two live events this month, and getting a discount on all things Cashmerette? Sign up for the “Plus” level for $12, and if you just want this month, you can just cancel immediately (again, you can get the Alton until the end of May like this), or,  you can carry on and see the awesomeness that’s coming in June…
  • Love the Alton but ALSO can’t wait to try the Kimball Bomber Jacket, Carlyle T-Shirt and Gilmore Skirt? We’ve got you covered! Sign up for the “All Access” level and you’ll get 20% off a yearly membership with access to all those great patterns *immediately*, as well as the fantastic dozen to come. It’s amazing value, coming out at just $9 per pattern – in addition to 16 masterclasses, lots of live events and a big discount!

I made a bunch of Altons during the development of this pattern, but this version is the one that took my heart. It’s made from an awesome cotton ikat from Core Fabrics, run by the wonderful Heather Lewenza of Closet Core Patterns. They have so many creative and interesting fabrics dropping every week, and I was thrilled to be gifted with this fabric that’s a wonderful match for the Alton.

It’s also a really versatile pattern, because you can mix and match it with the Montrose Top. And yes, any pieces go together—just pick the front, back and sleeves that take your fancy, and any combination will work. We also included a regular long sleeve with the Alton as we’ve had requests for a long sleeve for the Montrose for years—yet another little bonus for club members.

In terms of what fabrics work best, the Alton Blouse is pretty flexible when it comes to light and midweight wovens. We made samples in cotton, linen and rayon, and basically the more drapey the fabric the more it will flow on your body, and the crisper the fabric, the more the sleeves will stand out. This cotton is right in the middle of that scale, which I think is one of the reasons I like it so much.

You can wear it with the ties done up like I have here, or open which gives it a pretty different look!

I took my Alton on a recent jaunt to Bermuda with my family, where we enjoyed the fantastically cerulean sea, pinky-white beaches and brightly coloured buildings. After several years of barely leaving home, it was a delight to be somewhere warm and colourful with a tropical breeze…

These photos were taken in St Georges, a particularly historic part of Bermuda, and I’m sure the backdrop of many blog shoots, haha!

So in case you wondered what my Alton looks like on many different coloured backgrounds, I’ve got you covered 😀 What isn’t featured is my 3 year old who had a bit of an accident at lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around in a diaper and a toga made from Grandma’s pashmina.. you’ll have to trust me that it was very stylish!


This Alton is going to be my go-to this summer, but I can’t wait to try some more in fabrics from my stash. I can’t wait to see yours, too! Remember to tag your makes with #AltonBlouse and @cashmerette on social so we can revel in their glory.

8 thoughts on “An Alton Blouse in Bermuda

  1. Ginger says:

    Love this! I’d also love to know where your sandals are from!

    1. They are from Camper and I highly recommend them – they are super comfy and stay very securely on your feet

  2. Alison says:

    Beautiful blouse! Question on the monthly club… When joining the club, does one get access to past months’ patterns? Thank you!

    1. Ayelet says:

      Hi Alison, if you join at the All Access level you get access to past Club patterns. With the Base and Plus levels, you get that month’s pattern and the ones going forward.

      -Ayelet at Cashmerette

  3. Sandra Brine-Svendsen says:

    I grew up in Bermuda, and I knew instantly that you were in St George’s. You have inspired me to sew for myself again and now you have inspired me to really consider a trip back “home”.

    1. Wow, how great! It’s a truly magical place

  4. Jana says:

    Will this ever be available outside the club as a paper pattern? It’s much easier for me to get paper patterns. 🙂

    1. Hi Jana, no, we have no intention of ever printing these patterns. However there are lots of great places that will print PDFs for you – check out this blog post:

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