April 11, 2022

A Gilmore Skirt Gala

This month’s Cashmerette Club pattern is the Gilmore Skirt, a circle skirt sewing pattern! Here are seven lovely sewists to show you how fun the Gilmore is to make and wear.

The Gilmore Skirt is a retro-inspired woven circle skirt sewing pattern. It Gilmore makes for a beautiful standalone skirt, or pair it with the Upton bodice for a dress that’s uniquely yours. This pattern comes in sizes 0-32 and is available to Cashmerette Club members only. (Not a member yet? Join today!)

We asked 7 awesome makers from the sewing community to sew up their take on the Gilmore Skirt. (Each collaborator was gifted a free membership to the Cashmerette Club for their participation.) So let’s get the Gilmore gala going!

Kamali’s Gilmore Skirt

Does the Gilmore look good in quilting cotton? Kamali’s Gilmore is the ultimate proof that it absolutely does! Kamali made a size 18 graded to a 20 in the hips, and her measurements are 39″ waist and 50″ hip.

Here’s what Kamali told us about her Gilmore:

“This was such an quick sew with easy to follow instructions! As someone who is a work in progress when it comes to sewing with wovens, this pattern had me feeling confident throughout the whole process.”

See more of Kamali’s makes over on Instagram at @kamali.obiagu.

Flavia’s Gilmore Skirt

A new garment can instantly become a favorite, and that’s what happened to Flavia! She made her Gilmore in a size 16 out of a cotton sateen, and her measurements are 37″ waist and 50″ hip.

Flavia shared this about her Gilmore:

“I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SKIRT! It’s my favourite garment right now, so easy to make, only two pattern pieces to cut and the instructions are great. You can dress up or down, suits different occasions and will make a great dress paired with the Upton bodice.”

You can follow Flavia on Instagram at @flav_made_this.

Marcia’s Gilmore Skirt

It never occurred to us to wear the Gilmore with the zipper in the front until we saw Marcia’s wool Gilmore. We love how she used a visible zip as a design detail—super stylish as ever!

Marcia made a size 14 graded to a 16 in the hips. Her measurements are 34″ waist and 46″ hip.

Here’s what Marcia shared about the Gilmore:

“Very easy pattern to bring together! Only two pattern pieces and so many style options.”

See more of Marcia’s incredible handmade looks on Instagram at @keechiibstyle.

Sharon’s Gilmore Skirt

Sharon made her ultra-bright Gilmore Skirt out of a linen, which she pre-washed in soda to soften it up (who knew!) and wore with a Carlyle T-Shirt. She made a size 14 and her measurements are 33.5″ waist and 40″ hip.

Sharon said this about the Gilmore:

“A quick sew that results in a fabulous skirt that swishes beautifully when you walk! I was surprised at how quickly I was able to sew this – even with the invisible zipper application.”

You can follow Sharon over on Instagram at @TheSharonSews.

Caroline’s Gilmore Skirt

Gilmore + gingham = perfection. Caroline made her Gilmore out of a poly/cotton blend in a size 18. Her measurements are 38″ waist and 44″ hip.

Here’s what Caroline shared about her Gilmore:

“This was a very fast project to sew, as usual the instructions and illustrations are extremely easy to follow. Put the skirt on and you just want to make it swirl around, very satisfying.”

See what Caroline is up to over on Instagram at @caroline.jg.

Ilah’s Gilmore Skirt

Ilah also made her Gilmore out of quilting cotton. Because the Gilmore has three panels and is cut on the cross-grain, you can use a variety of fabric widths, including quilting cottons which are often narrower.

Ilah made a size 10 and her measurements are 30″ waist and 40″ hip.

Here’s what Ilah shared after making her Gilmore:

“I enjoyed making the Gilmore Skirt. It’s really a quick and easy make with only two pattern pieces. It’s the perfect skirt for twirling.”

See more of Ilah’s makes on Instagram at @cocomayboutique.

Jenny’s Gilmore Skirt

Last but not least is Jenny’s Gilmore, which she made in a linen. She used a size 28 and her measurements are 48″ waist and 61″ hip.

Jenny shared this about her Gilmore:

“Wow! This skirt is an easy make with lots of twirl power. I’ve dressed it up with a jacket & down with a tee—both looks are fabulous!”

See what Jenny’s sewing up over on Instagram at @johassler.

We can’t to see what YOU do with the new Gilmore Skirt! Be sure to tag your makes with #GilmoreSkirt and #CashmeretteClub on social media.

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11 thoughts on “A Gilmore Skirt Gala

  1. Linda Dinnocenzo says:

    Love the skirt pattern. Didn’t want to join the club as my sewing time is pretty limited. Hoping someday that the rest of us can buy these patterns individually? I can wait If that helps.

    1. Ayelet says:

      Hi Linda, the Club patterns will not be sold individually, so if you are interested in any as they come out, I recommend signing up (for $9) and canceling after you’ve downloaded the pattern. That way, you won’t be charged again the next month, and it’s like you bought an individual pattern for $9.
      -Ayelet at Cashmerette

  2. A. Allen says:

    I was a avid purchaser and follower of Cashmerette Patterns. I don’t want to join the club so I guess I can’t purchase your new Patterns? Is this correct? It’s a shame if I’m interpreting this correctly. I really like your patterns.

    1. Cherie says:

      Completely agree

    2. I don’t work for Cashmerette, but I’m another avid purchaser and I am a club member. The answer to your question is – you’ll be able to purchase patterns like the Vernon Shirt that Cashmerette will continue to release periodically for sale in their store for everyone. But in order to get the Cashmerette Club patterns – which will never be offered for sale outside the Club – you have to be a member.

      There is a way, however, to get a particular Club pattern without signing on for a long-term membership. You can sign up for a one month membership, which costs you $9, get the pattern for just that single month, and then immediately cancel your membership, no questions asked. They’re awesome about it. But you have to do it during the same month as the pattern is released, because after that, the pattern goes into the pattern library, and the only way to get it is to sign up for an All Access membership, which is the annual membership.

      So, bottom line: Cashmerette patterns are still available to everyone for sale. Cashmerette Club patterns are only for club members, but you can sign up for a 1-month membership, currently $9, get the current month’s pattern, and cancel your membership.

      1. Cherie says:

        Thank you for letting us know.

  3. Sarah says:

    I love these versions! They are full of Spring vibes. It’s autumn heading into winter where I am, so I’ll probably wait until spring to make up mine. I love how nicely it goes with the Carlyle T – I’ll have to plan more of those when I make my Gilmore.

  4. I absolutely love these Gilmore skirts – they’re all so bright and gorgeous – the sewists each did an amazing job on them! Thank you, as always, for featuring bodies in all shapes and sizes in your samples. I’ve been wrestling with whether to make myself a Gilmore for Easter as I couldn’t picture how it will look on me. The lovely Jenny is close to my body double, and she absolutely rocks the Gilmore … so I think I might be able to, too. Now if I can just get it done in time for next Sunday!

  5. Norma says:

    Did Sharon wash her linen in baking soda or washing soda? Love how you all styled these gorgeous skirts!

  6. Sharon says:

    Hi Norma! I washed it using coca-cola. A number of viewers gave me the tip when I mentioned in one of my videos that I thought this fabric was a bit stiff. They got the tip from Peggy Sagers, Silhouette Patterns, who uses it to soften denim. They all said it had to be coca-cola. I figured I might as well try it 🙂 It did soften the fabric a little bit.

    1. Mickey says:

      Peggy Sagers never quite gives complete directions for the coco-cola method, but I heard a great description on Tomcat Stitching that gives the fabric a soak for an hour in half Coke, half water mix, then launder as usual. I’ve used it, and it does make a difference.

Let me know what you think!