October 14, 2021

“Ahead of the Curve” has now launched in the UK!

It’s nearly 2 years since I started writing it, but I’m thrilled that today is the official UK launch date of “Ahead of the Curve: Learn to Fit & Sew Amazing Clothes for your Curves“! I absolutely cannot wait to visit a Waterstones over the Christmas holidays and see it in person on a shelf. It will undoubtedly be surreal.

(Not in the UK? Not too much longer to wait! The US launch date is on 9 November, and other countries will be receiving their copies over the next month).

If you’re based in the UK and would like to purchase “Ahead of the Curve” you’ve got a couple of options!

Honeybourne Dress from “Ahead of the Curve”

Want to learn more about Ahead of the Curve before you dive in? We’ve got you covered!

I hope that you enjoy reading Ahead of the Curve as much as I enjoyed writing it! And if you did, feel free to leave a review to help others discover it too.

Magna Pants and Stanway T-Shirt from Ahead of the Curve

3 thoughts on ““Ahead of the Curve” has now launched in the UK!

  1. Mary says:

    Hi Jenny,

    Congrats! I just purchased the B&N Nook ebook, I’m in the USA. I think it’s the UK version but no matter. I appreciate the photos remain clear when enlarged, and links to the pdf patterns and charts are within the text. The instructions are very straightforward, clearly written. Your book makes me confident enough to try tackling the Magna pants as my first or maybe second project. I haven’t made pants since I last fit into a big three pattern without alterations fearful of wasting fabric. I plan to use another pandemic winter to sew a common wardrobe capsule using your new patterns. The clean lines beautifully lend themselves to this. Cheers! Mary

  2. Rebecca says:

    I was just notified here in Sydney Australia that my copy is on its way. Very exciting!

  3. TriploidTree says:

    I got mine yesterday! It’s really lovely, and glad to see I can go get the A0 patterns to print 🙂

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