August 9, 2021

“Ahead of the Curve”: Introducing the Kersoe Top

Wow, we’ve had such an amazing response to the announcement of the first two patterns, the Stanway Top and Magna Pants, from my forthcoming book, “Ahead of the Curve”, that I’m psyched to share the third with you – it’s the Kersoe Top!

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Not pre-ordered yet? There’s still time. You can pick up “Ahead of the Curve: Learn to Fit and Sew Amazing Clothes for your Curves” from us or your local bookseller, or indeed anywhere that sells books! Every pre-order makes a huge difference to the success of the book, so if the Kersoe has tickled your fancy, now’s the time to place that order! As with all the patterns in the book, it’s available in sizes 12 – 32, cup sizes C – H – and it’s available exclusively in the book, and won’t be sold separately.

Miranda is wearing a Kersoe Top in printed sateen from Nerida Hansen

The Kersoe is an eminently wearable sleeveless woven top that’s been a summer staple for me the last two years (phew, book-writing takes a long time!). It’s got a gorgeous V neck in the front and back, and it’s totally clean finished at the neckline. How? It’s all thanks to a half lining inside which ends just below the boobs!

If you can’t stand bias binding or you’re a beginner looking for something easy, the Kersoe Top is a fantastic option – the half lining is very fast to put together, and you get an ultra-professional clean look as a result. Plus, the straps are totally bra-friendly without being frumpy.

The Kersoe Top is another true workhorse when it comes to fitting in the book. It’s used to teach you about darted Full Bust Adjustments and Small Bust Adjustments, tons and tons of dart-related techniques (shortening and lengthening, lowering and raising, splitting and rotating, and more!), how to deal with sloping shoulders, a gaping neckline…. and more! Let’s just say supermodel Miranda was very patient with lots and lots of “before” and “after” shots!

So that’s three patterns revealed, two more to go… and yes, I’m wearing one of them on the cover! I finally got my first copy of the book and it was a pretty amazing moment – I can’t wait for you all to get yours, too.

15 thoughts on ““Ahead of the Curve”: Introducing the Kersoe Top

  1. Maggie Lewin says:

    I am SEW excited about this book – cant wait for my copy – love this top – I can see it hacked into a longer swingy tunic or dress as well.

  2. Renate Nöhren says:

    I have pre-ordered the book, of course. And yes it is available here in Germany. I can’t wait. I love the patterns you have introduced so far. I am very excited to get my copy.

  3. Margie says:

    Hurry! What took so long? I can’t wait until October.

  4. Frau Leo says:

    Another lovely pattern and gorgeous model! I’m sure I’m not the only one making Autumn/Winter sewing plans that include patterns from the book! (the Kersoe might have to wait until next spring)

  5. Louise Chapdelaine says:

    Can’t wait to make this top and try out the fitting tips. I have the hardcover book and wonder if we can also get PDF versions of the pattern instructions. For example, pp. 148 to 151. Thank you

    1. Deborah Susan Taylor says:

      I agree with Louise above, pdf versions of the pattern instructions are a good idea, I like to write notes at the side of the instructions as I go along.

  6. Cheryl Meier says:

    I love this top! Its almost like you made the pattern for ME. I am 5’8″, upper bust 41, f.b. 43, waist 39, hip 47. So I do have to go between sizes, starting at US 16 C cup, and grading out the rest of the way down. The armholes are perfect, the shoulders are perfect, the waist length is perfect. I can hardly believe it! My first wear able muslin was PERFECT. I have been having a terrible time trying to sew for my post menopause body, patterns with giant armholes, weird shoulders and bust darts, and really wide front bodices. I’m definitely making more of the patterns in the book and will be buying more patterns from you in the future. Can’t wait!

  7. Dani Battle says:

    I am still struggling with a good fit for this top 🙁
    The book is great, very clear and helpful for a new sewist, but I feel like it does not cover my body type very well. I am short (5ft 3) with a small ribcage (band size 34) but big boobs (high bust 40, full 43) with a set of fairly broad shoulders! I’ve followed the sizing selection on the calculator, lowered and shortened bust darts, and the latest adjustment was to narrow the back a little (as that’s where I have lots of fabric/not a great fit). However, the armholes are the most annoying bit – a little high and restrictive. Would that be solved by undoing other adjustments and going down a size but make a FBA? Or is there something else I’m missing? I really want to make a few pieces to take on a rapidly approaching trip,but am getting frustrated with fit issues. Any suggestions for me? ~Dani

    1. hi Dani! You can always email us with photos at, which makes it a bit easier to help with fit. Specifically on armholes, you can simply re-draw them to be the size you want! On a sleeveless garment it really is as simple as that. I’d recommend marking what you think you need to remove on your muslin, cutting it out, and trying it on until you have the shape that works. Then transfer that shape to your pattern pieces (and remember to add seam allowance).

      1. Dani says:

        Fantastic! I did wonder if I could just redraw…lack of knowledge held me back! If I can convince my DH to take some photos of the fit I will email though, as I want to move on to the princess seams and a dress! (Then I’m going to treat myself and attempt some “outerwear”!
        Thanks Jenny – you are an inspiration! ~Dani

  8. Christine Ilunga says:

    I made several muslin . I had a lot of fabric in the back sway back , top was horizontal line and front had to lower the the dart. This is after I did the first 20 C , as you suggested 18 E/F . To my surprise after I lower the dart the back problem improved but the pattern pieces non longer matched the back become shorted …

  9. Mary says:

    Just made the top for the first time. Very easy. I have a question, can sleeves be added? I prefer sleeves but love the cut of this, I also added a zipper to the back which allowed me to have a great top, easy on and off without pulling over my head

    1. Ayelet says:

      Hi Mary, I wouldn’t recommend trying to add sleeves to the Kersoe. If you’d like a similar top with sleeves, you can try our Montrose Top:

      -Ayelet at Cashmerette

  10. Aaaaaany chance we could get a sleeve add-on for this top????

    1. Ayelet says:

      Hi Courtney, we don’t have plans to offer a sleeve add-on for the Kersoe, but you could try our Montrose Top, which is similar to the Kersoe in style and has sleeves:

      -Ayelet at Cashmerette

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