August 23, 2021

“Ahead of the Curve”: Introducing the Honeybourne Dress

Today I’m here with the penultimate reveal of the patterns included in my forthcoming book “Ahead of the Curve: Learn to Fit and Sew Amazing Clothes for your Curves”, and… it’s the Honeybourne Dress, aka the dress I’m wearing on the cover!

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Cashmerette Honeybourne Dress from the book "Ahead of the Curve"

The Honeybourne Dress has a woven, darted bodice, center back zip, elbow length sleeves (that can easily be shortened or lengthened!), and a paneled gathered skirt.

Totally sold on the Honeybourne? You can pre-order “Ahead of the Curve: Learn to Fit and Sew Amazing Clothes for your Curves” from us directly, at or your local bookseller and be the first to get it in October.

The Honeybourne is so versatile I wanted to show it in different fabrics, so it’s shown on three models in the book!

First up, we’ve got me in some lovely viscose from Mind the Maker (it’s called Mini Leo and it’s still available at some independent fabric stores) – it’s delightfully swooshy and lovely for summer days paired with some white sneakers (I’m not actually wearing red suede heels every day folks, sorry to disappoint! ha!)

Cashmerette Honeybourne Dress from the book "Ahead of the Curve"

Then we’ve got the gorgeous Melody Mae, going full 50s vintage style in her Honeybourne. We channeled her amazing retro style with a large scale gingham lightweight suiting (yep, really!), and underneath a fun bright red petticoat to give it more volume.

Cashmerette Honeybourne Dress from the book "Ahead of the Curve"
Cashmerette Honeybourne Dress from the book "Ahead of the Curve"

And last but absolutely by no means least, we’ve got Corrie looking like the art maven she is in a gorgeous tiny pin-striped linen from Merchant and Mills.

The Honeybourne is a pretty classic design – fitted two dart bodice, with sleeves and a skirt – so it’s a great pattern to teach you lots of adjustment techniques. I use the Honeybourne to show you how to do Full and Small Bust Adjustments, a narrow shoulder adjustment, a full bicep adjustment, a swayback adjustment, broad back adjustment… and more! Needless to say, I’ve got you covered.

There’s just one more pattern reveal to go… any guesses? We’ve had tops, pants and darted skirts… what could be next?!

6 thoughts on ““Ahead of the Curve”: Introducing the Honeybourne Dress

  1. Tiffany J says:

    It would be cheating for me to guess. The first thing I did when you opened your package was screenshot the gorgeous back of your book. So excited!

  2. Maggie Lewin says:

    Gotta be either some looser fitting jersey pants or a jacket of some sort next methinks. Love everything so far cant wait for my book. Really looking forward to spending winter perfecting sewing my summer items for next year.

  3. Jo says:

    Loving these patterns and looking forward to making up some of the patterns for my daughter, thank you

  4. Lucy Peters says:

    I am very interested in seeing your new book. I teach high school kids to sew in Elko Nevada, USA. I have gotten into podcasts where you are a guest speaker. I applaud your efforts to address this lost size class in the sewing world.

  5. marthasbanks says:

    Sure wish you offered in size 0-16. I happen to be a large busted, “small” woman. I have to grade up which is more challenging than grading down. Will you consider making smaller sizes available, especially the Jefferson Shirt and the Auburn Jacket.

    1. Ayelet says:

      Hi Martha, thanks for your feedback! We are gradually updating a number of our existing patterns to be in sizes 0-32. I’ll share your requests with the team!


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