June 8, 2021

Roseclair Revelry with Melanated Fabrics

The Roseclair Dress is here! We’re celebrating this floaty woven wrap dress sewing pattern with six makers and the lovely folks at Melanated Fabrics—welcome to the party!

The Roseclair Dress: Roseclair Revelry with Melanated Fabrics

If you’ve been dreaming of a woven wrap dress designed specifically with your curves in mind, we’re thrilled to introduce you to the Roseclair Dress. The Roseclair comes in sizes 0-32 and cup sizes C-H and includes three showstopping views: a tiered ruffle skirt with bishop sleeves, a knee-length full skirt with short sleeves, and a knee-length full skirt with puff sleeves. Whether you want a trendy, dramatic gown or a classic easy-breezy dress, you can have it all with the Roseclair without compromising on fit or comfort.

We know how helpful it can be to see a new pattern on a variety of bodies, so we partnered up with six incredible makers from our community, who each sewed up a final version of the Roseclair using fabric generously gifted by our friends at Melanated Fabrics.

Melanated Fabrics is the creation of sewing superstars Mimi G and Brittany J. Jones. They specialize in garment fabrics for the modern maker, and carry the most gorgeous selection of prints—including a line of fabrics designed by Mimi G herself! If you find yourself drooling over these Roseclairs made with their fabrics (we don’t blame you!), Melanated Fabrics wants to help you get the look, too! Now through June 26, 2021, save 10% storewide at Melanated Fabrics using code CASHMERETTE10!

Alright, let’s get the Roseclair party started!

Basma’s Roseclair

Basma chose a bold polka dot poplin rayon from Melanated Fabrics for her Roseclair. She made View A and added 4″ of length for maximum maxi gorgeousness.

Basma used the 12-32 size range and made a size 28 G/H graded to a 30 waist and 32 hip. Her measurements are 52″ high bust, 57″ full bust, 51″ waist, and 62″ hip, and she is 5′ 7″.

Here’s what Basma shared with us about her Roseclair:

“Making Roseclair was a really fun project and it’s great for working on over the course of a few days. The rayon poplin fabric is so lovely and easy to work with and the pairing with the Roseclair pattern is a perfect match. A few times during the process, I would wrap the skirt around my waist and just swish around!”

You can see more of Basma’s sewing adventures on her blog and on Instagram @basmashimmies.

Ilah’s Roseclair

For her Roseclair, Ilah chose a blue floral viscose poplin from Melanated Fabrics. She combined the tiered skirt of View A (with an additional 10″ of length) with the puff sleeves of View C for a look that stopped us in our tracks.

Ilah used the 0-16 size range and made a size 8 C/D. Her measurements are 35″ high bust, 36.5″ full bust, 30″ waist, and 39″ hip, and she is 5′ 8″.

Ilah shared this with us about her new Roseclair:

I really enjoyed sewing the Roseclair Dress. The pattern was so detailed and easy to follow that it made the dress come together very nicely. There is a lot of gathering involved, but it’s worth the effort in the end. The combination of the Roseclair along with this beautiful 100% viscose poplin from Melanated Fabrics was a perfect match! The fabric’s lightweight buttery smooth hand and fluid drape elevated the dress to a regal statement piece that I love wearing.

Check out more of what Ilah is sewing over on Instagram at @cocomayboutique.

Kamali’s Roseclair

Kamali’s striped rayon slub Roseclair is adorable beyond words! She made View C using the knee-length full skirt and puff sleeves.

Kamali used the 12-32 size range and made a size 16 E/F graded to an 18 at the waist and 20 at the hips. Her measurements are 41.5″ high bust, 44.5″ full bust, 39.5″ waist, and 50″ hip.

Here’s what Kamali had to say about her new Roseclair:

“This linen was a breeze to sew with. The pattern instructions were easy to follow and the drape on this linen is beautiful! The stripes made this such a flattering look. I want to buy more of this gorgeous linen!”

What’s better than one Roseclair? Two Roseclairs! Kamali made herself a second Roseclair using Ankara fabric from her stash—love it!

Follow Kamali on Instagram at @kamali.obiagu to see more of what she’s making.

Cassie’s Roseclair

Cassie picked a dreamy lightweight peach-pink dobby rayon for her Roseclair. The fabric features small, subtle dots on one side and has the most gorgeous drape! Cassie combined the knee-length full skirt of Views B/C with the bishop sleeves of View A.

Cassie used the 0-16 size range and made a size 8 C/D graded to a size 4 waist and 6 hip. Her measurements are 34″ high bust, 36.5″ full bust, 26.5″ waist, and 38″ hip.

Here’s what Cassie had to say after making her Roseclair:

“The instructions and construction method was so straightforward and easy to follow. I had no issues or questions along the way. The fabric I used was shifty, but because of the staystitching I did not have any issues with the bodice warping. I hung the dress overnight before hemming and only had to curve out a few longer sections before I hemmed the dress. The fabric is the perfect weight and drape for the silhouette but I do wish it was a bit more opaque since it’s a single layer skirt.”

See more of Cassie’s sewing adventures on her blog and on Instagram at @Cassie.Nicole.creates.

Isaida’s Roseclair

We love a bright orange Roseclair (we picked a similar fabric for one of our cover samples!) and Isaida’s View B tangerine rayon Roseclair is absolutely delightful. Sadly, this fabric is no longer available from Melanated Fabrics—we can understand why it flew off the shelves.

Isaida used the 0-16 size range and made a size 10 C/D. Her measurements are 35″ high bust, 37″ full bust, 33.5″ waist, and 42.5″ hips.

Isaida shared this with us after sewing up her Roseclair:

“In browsing Melanated Fabrics, this orange rayon jumped out at me. I love the bright orange and the little white daisies. This was my first time using rayon, so it was a learning experience. I love the drape and swishiness! The dress wasn’t too hard to make. It was my first time making a wrap dress. I had a head scratching moment with the ties, but was able to get help quickly! I just needed a little visual. All in all, I am so happy with my Roseclair!”

See more of what Isaida’s making over on her blog and on Instagram at @isaidaveale.

Martika’s Roseclair

Martika used a viscose crepe rayon from Melanated Fabrics for her Roseclair Dress to make a gorgeously drapey Roseclair Dress in View A.

Martika used the 12-32 size range and made a size 12 E/F graded to a 16 in the waist and 12 in the hips. Her measurements are 36.5″ high bust, 41″ full bust, 37″ waist, and 41″ hips.

Here’s what Martika shared with us about her Roseclair:

“The Roseclair Dress was pretty easy to make and the instructions were very clear to follow. This dress is free flowing with a fitted bodice. It’s and easy dress to dress up with heels or dress down with sandals. The fabric is a Viscose Crepe in Navy Coral from Melanated Fabrics and is very comfortable to wear, and also easy to work with.”

Check out more of what Martika’s making over on her blog and on Instagram at @martikajmakes.

Get 10% Off at Melanated Fabrics

A huge thanks to all of the amazing makers for sewing up their Roseclairs and sharing these great photos with us, and to Melanated Fabrics for gifting them these gorgeous fabrics! If you want to get the look for yourself, be sure to check out Melanated Fabrics‘ great selection and use code CASHMERETTE10 for 10% off your order through June 26, 2021.

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  1. Melissa LeClair says:

    OMGosh! These are gorgeous! So happy to see the Roseclair in so many varieties of sizes and lengths – it’s inspiring! Can’t wait to make my own. Thanks to all these wonderful makers for sharing their fabulous results.

  2. Terrie M says:

    I love the Roseclair dress on Martika. The muted blue is a flattering color on me. I also the length.


    Why are these designed to tie on the right?

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