June 11, 2021

Roseclair Dresses for the whole team!

To celebrate the launch of our newest pattern, the Roseclair Dress, and the fact we now have a size range that covers everyone in our team, we decided to all make one! And we look pretty spiffy wearing them, if we do say so ourselves. We may currently be scattered across three countries and states, but we’re always together in spirit *sob I love you guys*.

The Roseclair Dress is a floaty woven wrap dress designed for curves in sizes 0-32 and cup sizes C-H, with three views that range from trendy to classic. But you don’t have to limit yourself to the views in the packet—four of us made simple pattern hacks that anyone can do.

We’re so excited to share our own takes on the Roseclair with you, so let’s get started!

Jenny’s Roseclair

Jenny is our fearless leader, both as the founder and creative director of Cashmerette and as a Roseclair style maven! She chose View A and used a variety of linen colorways to create a patchwork Roseclair which she has assured us is v on trend. The tiers of the skirt are composed of several pieces, which makes color blocking a breeze! (Note the 0 – 16 range has one less panel in the skirt.)

Jenny used the 12-32 size range and made a size 20 G/H. Her measurements are 45″ high bust, 50″ full bust, 42″ waist, and 47″ hips, and she is 5′ 6″. Wrap dresses like this are really forgiving from the waist down when it comes to fitting, so that’s why even though Jenny’s theoretically in a 22 waist and a 16/18 hip, the straight 20 fits just fine.

Jenny used several different colorways of Mind the Maker Nisa softened linen (available at Lamazi Fabrics) to create what she affectionately calls her “Easter egg” Roseclair.

Okay, brace yourself for cuteness overload, because Jenny also made a coordinating dress for her daughter! As great as we all look, Baby J (the studio intern) steals the show, hands down.

Jenny used a Liberty pattern called the Mabel Tiered Dress to make the mini-me dress. Sorry—no Roseclair pattern for little ones yet!

Carrie’s Roseclair

Carrie’s been with Cashmerette since day 1, in a variety of roles over the years, several of which involved carrying very heavy boxes up stairs (who needs a gym membership when you work for a pattern company?!). Now she’s our pixel-perfect pattern proofer and tech editor, so she’s the one to thank for the error-free instructions and pattern pieces! Plus, she’s a fab model. We couldn’t do it without her.

Carrie made View B of the Roseclair and recently wore it to a wedding—the perfect summer celebration outfit.

Carrie used the 0-16 size range and made a size 8 C/D. She shortened the bodice by 1/2″ and raised the darts by 1/2″. Carrie’s measurements are 34″ high bust, 37″ full bust, 30″ waist, and 39″ hips, and she is 5′ 4″.

Carrie used a polyester crepe for her Roseclair that Jenny snagged on a past trip to the UK.

Ayelet’s Roseclair

Ayelet is a woman of multiple hats: she manages the day-to-day operations of our studio and also all our marketing and social media, including getting everything ready for big pattern releases (like the Roseclair). It’s fair to say she keeps the ship running (and in the right direction) at all times!

When she made her Roseclair, she was also 8 months pregnant, so she decided to make a Roseclair Top hack instead (which, coincidentally, also makes for a great nursing top—gotta love boob access).

For this hack, she used the top tier of the View A skirt and lengthened it by 3″ all around. Additionally, she scooped the center front to add a bit more length for her belly, and used the short sleeves of View B. Classy maternity top, done!

Ayelet used the 12-32 size range and made a size 16 G/H, grading down a 12 in the shoulders (typically when not pregnant she’s closer to a straight 12). Her measurements are 38″ high bust, 46″ full bust, 36″ waist, and 46″ hips, and she is 5′ 4″.

Ayelet used a sand-washed purple rayon for her Roseclair Top—you may recognize it as a long-lost Webster Top kit remnant!

Esmeralda’s Roseclair

Esmeralda is our lovely studio assistant who mails out all of your orders and generally helps us out with all things Cashmerette! For her Roseclair, Esmeralda used the bishop sleeves of View A and the full skirt of View B/C, with additional length to make it a maxi. The resulting look is deliciously dramatic!

Esmeralda used the 0-16 size range and made a size 6 E/F. She is 5′ 2″.

Esmeralda used a lightweight cotton for her Roseclair which is gorgeously swooshy. It’s off to be another wedding guest dress—clearly there’s a theme going on here…

Jen’s Roseclair

Jen, our newest team member, is our pattern development manager, which means she takes our patterns from sketch to your sewing room, and she keeps us on track throughout the whole pattern development process (and does so for multiple patterns at once!). It’s fair to say that, on a daily basis, Jenny weeps in gratitude for her joining the team. NEVER LEAVE US JEN!

For her Roseclair, Jen used the puff sleeves of View C and paired them with the tiered skirt of View A, omitting the bottom tier. Such a fun look!

Jen used the 12-32 size range and made a size 12 G/H graded to an 18 at the waist and 14 in the hips, and she lowered the bust darts by 1/2″ and shortened the waist darts by 1/2″. Her measurements are 37″ high bust, 42″ full bust, 38″ waist, and 43″ hips, and she is 5′ 1″.

Jen used a floral viscose crepe for her Roseclair from our deep stash. She completed the look with a matching face mask!

Mallory’s Roseclair

Mallory might be in Missouri, but she’s a pillar of the Cashmerette team! Another multi-hyphenate, Mallory is our production artist *and* our customer service rep *and* our content creator. What can’t this woman do?!

Mallory made View A of the Roseclair in a delicate floral print. We think that she looks like the epitome of a 1930s detective lady, so small English villages with unusually high crime rates better beware!

Mallory used the 0-16 size range and made a size 12 C/D. Her measurements are 37″ high bust, 40″ full bust, 33″ waist, and 40″ hip, and she is 5′ 4″.

Mallory chose a Robert Kaufman quilting cotton for her Roseclair. If you’re wondering how a Roseclair would look in a quilting cotton, here’s proof that it looks fab!

T’s Roseclair

From all the way on the other side of the pond, T is our beloved graphic designer. She’s been with us since the beginning, and though Jenny’s met her once in person for tea and cake in London, we’re hoping for a full Cashmerette reunion at some point!

T also made a Roseclair Top hack, using View A and omitting the bottom two tiers—it makes for a lovely everyday top. This hack also makes for a great muslin to help you check the fit of the bodice without using up a ton of fabric.

T used the 12-32 size range and made a size 18 E/F graded to a 20 at the waist. Her measurements are 44″ high bust, 47″ full bust, 40″ waist, and 49″ hip.

T used a gorgeous Art Gallery rayon for her Roseclair Top, in a print called Mountain Mirror by April Rhodes.

We had so much fun making our Roseclairs as a team, and we can’t wait to see what you do with this new pattern! Be sure to tag your makes with #RoseclairDress on social media so we can fawn all over your gorgeous frocks, too!

12 thoughts on “Roseclair Dresses for the whole team!

  1. K. S. says:

    Wow! Great post. It’s wonderful to see all the permutations of the Roseclair dress. It’s very flattering.

  2. These are fantastic and what a wonderful selection of sizes and styles. A little something for everyone!

  3. Helen Wilson says:

    I no longer wear dresses but these make me wish I did. Age and life have changed my style some. You all look wonderful in your makes! I’ll be buying snd doing the top version though, you can bet on it.

  4. Lise Mace says:

    All versions are gorgeous! What a great way to show off such a versatile pattern in many fabric choices!

  5. DC says:

    These are all gorgeous! I love that you also include the sizes made and model measurements. They make it much easier to see how it will fit! i am delighted to say I would like to see more of T modeling as she and I are very very close in size.

  6. Melissa LeClair says:

    Lovely, lovely, lovely! So much inspiration. These are wonderful – I’m in love with the maxi versions. This pattern has so much to offer. I just received my paper Roseclair pattern in the mail; now the agony of deciding which to make first…..

  7. jolasov says:


  8. Virginia says:

    Great ideas! I love coming to this site. Everyone is so radiant and happy – especially the models. I love your patterns being made for, and celebrating our curves. I really feel good about sewing for myself again. A big thank you to all of you and your hard work!

  9. Mimi Routh says:

    So inspiring! Thank you! I haven’t worn a dress in decades, but will soon move from snow country to a warmer town where dresses or at least gypsy skirts and easy-fit tops will make sense. I am close in age and size to T also. My best friend is from England. I’m a recovering child of a diet doctor and a petite mom who padded up to a B cup! When I sewed for her, I couldn’t tell her the pattern size of the muslin! I’ve lost 40 lbs on my own with about that to go; every pound, every walk around the block and every apple is just easier. These beautiful models just reinforce the truth that our bodies were beautifully made to create (and feed!) new people and therefore we are all beautiful. . . . A neighbor let me have two exquisite petticoat bottoms, heavily starched, way over 100 years old. I plan to sew them to uppers with a thin waist tie. A knee-length Roseclair with bishop sleeves would be lovely layered over . . . ankle-tied espadrilles, crocheted purse . . . sun hat. Yes!

  10. Mary says:

    These are beautiful! But I’d love to see the back of the garment too. All my dressing issues are on the back side ( booty pop) so unless us girls with that issue see the back and can tell if it will work with those curves……. It’s always a “ I don’t know”.

    1. Mallory Donohue says:

      If you go to the product page, we have some back views for you to peruse!

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