May 24, 2021

2021 Guide to Plus Size Sewing Pattern Sizes

Hello plus size sewing friends! I wanted to write an update of our super popular “Guide to Plus Size Sewing Pattern Sizes” because quite a lot’s changed in the past few years, and it’s always good to know exactly what brands you’re going to fit into without major adjustments.

Plus Size Sewing Pattern Sizes

While being plus size is totally average in the US and many other countries, sadly a lot of designers just don’t include us. That’s why a handy guide is so helpful – instead of getting your hopes up and wasting time searching for size charts, I’ve done the work for you!

Here are the criteria I used putting together this list of plus size sewing pattern sizes:

  • Patterns that have at least one body measurement over 53″
  • I’ve listed the measurements rather than the largest “size” label, because it’s very inconsistent across brands. The measurement is what’s actually important!
  • They’re separated out into patterns that are available in print & PDF version, and those just in PDF, as many people have a very strong preference for one or the other
  • They’re ordered by bust size
  • I’ve included the cup size they’re drafted for where it’s publicly available – note there is a mix of sewing cup sizes and RTW bra cup sizes.
  • In some cases, please note only select patterns from a designer go up to this size (they need to have at least a couple in this size to be included).

Do you know of any other great sewing companies that meet these criteria that we should add to our guide to plus size sewing pattern sizes, or need to update any of the data? Comment below and we’ll add them to the list!

Guide to Plus Size Sewing Pattern Sizes

Patterns available in Print only or Print & PDF versions: largest size available.

Note, where there is no cup size specified, it’s most likely that the draft is for a B cup.

Pattern CompanyCup SizeBustWaistHip
Jennifer Lauren HandmadeA-F61.551.7562.75
By Hand LondonB-D 615663
Closet CoreB & D605363
Friday Pattern CompanyB605363
Fit for Art PatternsA-D 5863
True BiasB & D5750.559.5
Grainline PatternsB & D564959
Megan Nielsen0-20 B Cup
14-30 D Cup
Tina Givens564858
Silhouette Patterns
(finished garment measurements)
Dana Marie Designs 544656
Maison Fauve
(printed pattern availability varies)
100 Acts of Sewing 535464
Blank Slate PatternsA/C D534855
Jan Bones Lingerie 534555
The Sewing Workshop 5345.5 (55 in pants)54 (61 in pants)
Rosie and Me52.254553.5
Charm PatternsA-H*524254
MacPhee Workshop5254
Decades of StyleB524655
In the FoldsB51.545.554.25
Jalie 514454
Pamela’s Patterns4553

*RTW bra size

Patterns available in PDF only: largest size available, ordered by bust size.

Pattern CompanyCup SizeBustWaistHip
Unleashed PatternsA-H797484
Rad Patterns777580
Connie CrawfordA – I746976
Christine Johnson +Plus Size Pattern CollectionD 686172
All Well Workshop 666070
Muna and Broad646071.5
DIBY Club6359.7567
House MorrighanC-I 61.748.660.5
Sew House SevenB/C, C/D, E/F & G/H61.557.2565
Chalk and Notch PatternsA/B & C/D615471
Greenstyle Creations615762
Laela Jeyne PatternsA-E604859
Itch to Stitch A-DD6054.2562
Ellie and Mac605663
Sinclair Patterns59.852.463
Sew LiberatedC58.552.561
Skinny Bitch Curvy ChickB/C & D/E58.552.561.5
Mood Sewciety Blog58.549.563
Helen’s ClosetB (0-22), D (12 – 30)584858
Make by the fabric store585162
Straight Stitch DesignsB&D57.549.560
Love NotionsA-D57.549.559.5
Burda PlusB/C & D/E575160
Annelaine Patterns575461
Made by RaeA/B & C/D options575159
Winter Wear Designs575357
Designer StitchB5647.558
Elbe Textiles565054
Untitled Thoughts565058
George + Ginger55.54859
Halla PatternsB554759
Ready to SewB & D54.548.7559.5
Colette / SeamworkC (0-18), D (20-26)544758
Pattern ScoutB/C/D544658
Rebecca Page Patterns 5450 57
Bella Sunshine DesignsA-G5341.7550
Peppermint Magazine 534656.3
Muse PatternsB & D524454
Hot Patterns524454
Bootstrap Patterns51.62545.62554.75
Pattern Niche51.54753.5
Made for Mermaids514654
5 out of 4 Patterns504653

Another option that we haven’t tried ourselves but has been mentioned in the comments is Lekala and Bootstrap Fashion, which are sites where you enter your own measurements and get a custom pattern.

49 thoughts on “2021 Guide to Plus Size Sewing Pattern Sizes

  1. thanderina says:

    Ellie and Mac patterns go up to a 57-60″ bust and a 60-63″ hip. And they’re nice and affordable.

  2. Jess says:

    Paper Theory’s new Jumpsuit has quite inclusive sizing and is available in PDF! My understanding is that she’ll have other patterns in the extended range soon!

  3. Jess says:

    Also, In The Folds and Peppermint Magazing Patterns also meet the criteria

  4. Lyndlenz says:

    Scroop patterns has great inclusive sizing

    1. Lyndkenz says:

      Oh you have them – missed it the first time I looked! I like Lekala too though they are a bit different from a designer

  5. Gillian Whaites says:

    A very helpful list. I am gradually learning to draft for my own shape. I learned a lot about drafting and fitting on Craftsy. A great full bust adjustment class by you included in my classes! That was something I didn’t know could be done so easily.
    I am tall and “big” so I find buying patterns very difficult.

    1. Elaine says:

      Tall and big. You might want to look at Vogue, Sandra Bettina Patterns. My sister is 6 feet tall and broad. We have had quite good luck for her. I don’t recommend any other Vogue Patterns.

  6. Janet says:

    Kwik Sew’s plus size collection would meet the criteria, I think.

    1. Geni says:

      Only problem is they NEVER come out with any new designs while their other size range is constantly adding styles. I guess they still have the “they ought to be grateful to have anything” attitude.

      1. Janet says:

        How annoying. And they’re missing out!

    2. Carrie McGowan says:

      Kwik Sew is a branch of McCall’s (we have the big 4 listed together.)

  7. Crikklekay says:

    Thank you for this! I love your patterns and even bought the Concord t-shirt upon release, but sadly my hips are just too much. I seem to be on some sort of line, a lot of patterns are just shy of a 60″ hip so having a few places to go and find something that may have a chance of fitting is wonderful! I meant to submit my measurements since you’re looking at revising your own guidelines but I never got around to it.

  8. Judy says:

    Thank you for the list. SBCC offers both print and digital patterns.

  9. Lindsey Bystrom says:

    Winter Wear Designs: all patterns go up to size 24/XXXL (bust size of 53″) but she has stated that all new patterns (2019 & beyond) will go up to size 30. There is already 1 really cute skirt out there!

    Annelaine Patterns is doing the exact same thing as WWD; they have a couple of patterns now that go up to size 30 & all new patterns will be 00-30. Size 30 has a bust size of 57 1/4″.

    New Horizon Designs includes up to size 26 (bust size 51.5″).

  10. Angelia says:

    Fit for Art patterns go to a 58 inch bust and 63 inch hip for their Tabula Rasa Jacket and to a 60 inch hip for their Eureka Pants that Fit pattern. The Jacket pattern includes pattern pieces for B, C, and D cups. Their Tabula Rasa Knit Tee and Tunic pattern has similar measurements.

    These are great basics with lots of add-ons for creative touches. The designers are currently working hard to test expansions to their sizing as well.

  11. LaurieB says:

    I love the Fit For Art Patterns. Two other favorites that go to a 52 inch hip are Pamela’s Patterns and Cutting Line Designs. Both of these designers give extensive directions for fitting. I was altering a skirt pattern by Cutting Line last summer and was stumped on how to get the hem tilt corrected. I emailed Louise the designer and she gave me a genius suggestion on correcting it which worked perfectly.

    1. nett3811 says:

      Thanks for letting us know about Pamela’s Patterns and Cutting Line Designs. I’d never have found them otherwise and I love what they have to offer

      1. Elaine says:

        I went to a Cutting Line Designs and Sewing Workshop Sewing retreat in Florida several years ago. Both designers are hands on teachers. I remember Louise saying she had helped a woman with a 68” hip get a well fitting pair of pants. She usually works with her One Seam Pants which I have had very good luck with. Both pattern lines are some of my favourites. I find for me that the Sewing Workshop Patterns fit my top half well. I am smaller on top.

  12. Allyson says:

    Fantastic! I have recently discovered Laela Jeyne Patterns, she has a small selection but she goes up to a 56″ bust with cup sizes A-E. She herself is quite curvy so her patterns are designed for curves rather than just graded up. I recently purchased her PJs pattern which I haven’t sewn up yet, so I can’t yet speak to the quality of the patterns, but I am very hopeful. All PDF patterns, I think.

  13. Silhouette Patterns (Peggy Sagers) do up to a 52″ bust with b , c, and d cup and have amazing videos. Patterns only available in printed but you get all sizes and cup sizes in one envelope.

  14. Susan Johnson says:

    There are a few Sewing Workshop patterns which meet your criteria. There are others which are more fitted through the shoulders but quite loose through the hips and would therefore work for hip measurements greater than 50 inches.

  15. Jennifer says:

    Stitch Upon a Time Patterns goes to a Bust- 56.5″, Waist- 50″, Full Hip- 58″

  16. Sarah says:

    You’re missing Stitch Upon a Time!

  17. Geni says:

    I recently ran across a new to me like at They sell world wide pdf and print patterns. Up to size 22 USA. Haven’t tried them but I like some of their styles. Dana Marie Design Co. also makes a wide variety of sizes. They are simple and straight forward to sew too.

  18. Nancy Karpen says:

    Finally the majority of this country’s women can find a pattern that they can fit into without having to be able to make it 10 sizes bigger. That and they aren’t tents which is what plus size women have been stuck with forever. I used to buy rtw from Saks Fifth Avenue when they still had Salon Z, their plus sizes. Now they only have plus sizes on line. I never felt like I was different. It was on the same floor as all of the other sizes, unlike Bloomingdales which had them in the basement between rugs and housewares. Way to feel good about yourself, no? I hadn’t bought rtw in years except for the occasional piece. I pretty much make all of my own clothing because I can fit myself better than rtw., I can make clothing more stylish, better made and for a price I can actually afford. I had no idea that there were that many Indie patterns that are size inclusive. Brava!

  19. Mona says:

    Thanks for the list. I took a Dana Marie design class last fall. Love her patterns. She showed me how to tweak a bust, shoulder, sleeve problem that is part of my personal make up.

  20. I was going to mention Stitch Upon a Time, but I see that two others have already mentioned them, so I’ll just add how awesome their underwear pattern is!

  21. Ann says:

    Hey Jenny. Thaks for including Designer Stitch but a small amendment.
    Cup sizes for a majority of the patterns are – B, C, D , DD (E) , Cheers. Ann at Designer Stitch

  22. Teresa Hone says:

    How about Bootstrap patterns ( where you enter your measurements and get a pdf pattern–many styles to choose from!
    Another such is Lekala.

  23. Geni says:

    I looked at Lekala. They have a fair number of free patterns so I ordered one to try. Who knew there were so many pattern companies out there!

  24. Brenda says:

    I like the list, and I’d like to see Greenstyle Creations added to this list; Their recent patterns have a bust of 46-47″ and a hip of 48-50″ – I love all their athletic designs.

  25. Amanda Beet says:

    Marilla Walker and some of the recent Decades of Style patterns meet the criteria!

  26. Theresa Hofstetter says:

    Thank you! This list is so helpful.

  27. Susan says:

    MacPhee Workshop has some patterns that include plus sizes. This company specializes in serious outerwear patterns, fabrics and notions. The styles tend to be classic. I have found the instructions to be pretty thorough.

    1. Geni says:

      I like the designs on macphee workshop. Thanks for the tip!

  28. Jo Kelly says:

    I’ve only made your Concord T so far but it was amazing (I only started sewing in January). I don’t think I’ve ever had a top that actually fit before which brings me to my problem. I’m a UK J/JJ cup (which is M/N in the US I believe), but otherwise I’m a size 12 and shrinking. I’ll be a 10 soon (my hips already are) and then I’ll fall off your chart! The reason I want to sew is to accommodate my enormous bosom and apple belly but they seem to be precisely the two least catered-for shapes. I’d love to try the Ellis skirt but I’ve shrunk out of it before getting the chance! Learning to sew and learning to re-draft patterns all at the same time is a bit overwhelming. Please, please, please is there any chance you could extend your brilliant range at the lower end so I can continue to enjoy your fabulous patterns?

    1. linda says:

      totally agree with you …. not all J cup people are over size 16!!

      1. Good news: we launched our smaller size range today! Check it out at

  29. Rae Hoekstra says:

    Love that you’re providing this info! Made by Rae patterns (my company) has had sizes up to bust 51 / hip 53 since 2016 on all new releases (though our latest goes up to a 59″ hip). Woven bodices are offered in A/B and C/D cups.

  30. Mary says:

    Simplicity is now going up to a 32W in plus patterns (54-49-56)

  31. Kim says:

    Ann Normandy Design is extending their PDF patterns sizes. Largest size: B – 45″, W – 39″, Hip – 46″; drafted for a C cup.

    1. Carrie McGowan says:

      Hi Kim, As noted in the post, to qualify for this roundup, pattern companies must have at least one body measurement of 50″ or more!

  32. Gretchen says:

    Blank Slate patterns offers printed patterns, too! It’s an add-on to the PDF, so the instructions are in your download and you receive just the large format pattern pages. The pattern is printed on paper, not tissue. You still get the copy shop and print-at-home pattern files with your PDF, too.

  33. Marisa says:

    Thank you so much for including us in your list! Laela Jeyne Patterns now goes up to a 60” bust, 48” waist, and 59” hip/seat on most of our patterns.

  34. Billie says:

    Apostrophe Patterns allows you to enter your own body measurements & get a customized pattern. No grading required.

  35. M-C says:

    Love Notions has regular/full bust options on most top patterns, ie B or D.

  36. Tríona says:

    Stokx are great for inclusive sizing and more unusual necklines.

  37. Michelle C says:

    I think they are fairly new, but Unleashed Patterns (PDF only) goes up to US size 38 in the new patterns. Their size chart says 70″ Upper Chest, 76-79″ Full Chest, 71-74″ Waist, 81-84″ Hip for size 38. Most of their patterns go up to size 30. I know some of their patterns like the Enlighten Dress have cup sizes but most don’t, but I think A – DD cup sizes from their size chart.

  38. Jessica Reed says:

    They don’t qualify for the list (yet!), but I’d recommend keeping an eye on Deer & Doe. They just started their larger size range (up to 62″ hips) in November, so they only have two true plus size patterns (a drapey tee with details and a pretty fierce jumpsuit with pockets), but they’re expanding.

    In the meantime, smaller-plus and non-plus curvy folks may want to check out their existing range. That goes up to 48″ hips and is designed for a D cup with an hourglass shape: big booty and proportionally smaller waist.

Let me know what you think!