April 14, 2021

Fabric and Notions Inspiration for the Auburn Blazer

Sourcing fabric and notions for your Auburn Blazer can be intimidating, but we’re here to simplify the process. Once you understand what you need, shopping for your fabrics will be a treat!

We’ve researched a wide range of fabrics to fit your style and sewing goals, from sumptuous wools to flexible stretch wovens and sequins. You’ll need a few notions and specific interfacings to get the best possible result when sewing your Auburn Blazer, and we’ve rounded up sources for those too.

Recommended Fabrics and Notions for the Auburn Blazer

We drafted the Auburn Blazer to be made from woven, stretch-woven, and knit fabrics. This gives you a ton of options while shopping, but it can get a bit overwhelming. So, first choose if you want a stretch or non-stretch blazer, and go from there.

For a woven (non-stretch) blazer, choose a mid- to heavy-weight woven, such as suiting or tweed, made from wool, linen, or wool blends. Lightweight coating will also work. A woven blazer might be a good option if you haven’t worked with knits before, since wovens are relatively stable and easy to sew.

For a stretch blazer, use mid- to heavy-weight knit fabric such as stable ponte, or mid-weight stretch wovens such as stretch suiting. If you choose a stretch fabric for your blazer, you’ll get a little bit more room to move and bend— which can be nice when you want to look professional and feel comfortable!

Of course, you can simplify the process by ordering one of our Auburn Blazer kits available in 16 different color combinations (while stocks last). Full kits have everything you need, but we have wool melton by the yard and notions-only kits available as well.

Wool and Wool Blends for the Auburn Blazer


Are you afraid to sew with wool due to the perceived difficulty or cost? We’ll let you in on a secret; some of the most finely tailored garments are made of wool, because wool actually makes it easier to achieve the exacting standards of high quality tailoring.

When you work with a stable 100% wool or wool blend, you’ll be surprised at how much easier it is to ease in a sleeve cap and get smooth roll on your lapel. So, find a wool or wool blend in your budget and give it a go!

Plaid, Striped, and Patterned Fabrics for the Auburn Blazer


Get a bit fancy with a plaid, stripe or print fabric! Plaids and stripes also give you the opportunity to put sleeves or pocket welts on the bias for visual interest.

You’ll get a striking result from a large scale stripe and a more refined look from a small stripe or a pinstripe. Just remember, large scale plaids may take extra fabric in order to match the pattern across your garment.

Stretch Woven Fabrics for the Auburn Blazer


Stretch wovens can be your secret weapon in the world of tailored clothing, especially if any of your body measurements fluctuate, or you need to move freely in your office attire. The Auburn Blazer has ease built in, but using a stretch woven will give you just that much more range to stretch and move in your blazer.

Ponte Knit for the Auburn Blazer


Ponte knit is a stable, but stretchy fabric that will give you a super comfortable result when sewn into the Auburn Blazer. It’ll be the chic-est secret pajama item in your closet! Make sure to choose a thick ponte, ideally that’s fairly stable (with a low stretch percentage) to get a crisp look. 

Even though Ponte is stretchy, we still recommend you keep the ease in your blazer pattern (don’t size down simply because you bought a ponte knit). The Auburn’s structure is dependent on room for interfacing, lining and shoulder pads- which give it structure and a tailored look.

Specialty Fabrics for the Auburn Blazer


Fancy a sequined blazer? Velvet jacket, anyone? These fabrics will create a “wow” effect for sure. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to work with them— no night-before-the-party blazer plans with these fabrics! Some specialty fabrics my require and underlining in addition to the lining of the blazer. If you have a special look in mind, order some swatches or sample yardage ahead of time, so you know you’ll be able to work with it!

Lining Fabrics for a Woven Auburn Blazer


The lining for your blazer should be lightweight and somewhat slick, so that it glides along your other clothing when taking the blazer on and off. Get as plain or fancy as you like!

Lining fabrics for a Knit Auburn Blazer


If you make your Auburn Blazer from a stretch fabric, use a smooth knit, like an ITY, for the body lining. Use the recommendations from the section above for the sleeves.

Buttons for the Auburn Blazer


Depending on the Auburn Blazer view you choose, you may need one or seven buttons for your Auburn. Feel free to make the center front button a statement button!

Get a covered button kit (5) if you want to get really matchy.

Interfacing for the Auburn Blazer


You’ll need weft interfacing (1) and knit interfacing (3) for your blazer. If you’d like more structure in the front chest area, you can also use fusible horsehair canvas (2) for the shield pieces.

Of course, if you want to make things super simple, we have full Auburn Blazer kits in 6 colors, notions-only kits, and wool melton yardage available to pre-order right here at Cashmerette! Make sure to order soon—kits and yardage are only available while stocks last!

We can’t wait to see which fabrics and notions you choose for your Auburn Blazer. Make sure to use the tag #AuburnBlazer on Instagram, so that we can see your makes!

Let me know what you think!