April 7, 2021

Because I’m worth it: my Harris Tweed & Liberty Auburn Blazer

Jenny's wardrobe: harris tweed & liberty auburn blazer

Here’s a true fact: it’s literally impossible for me to buy a blazer that fits. I’m hardly that far from the norm—an average American size 14/16 (UK 18/20), and OK, I’ve got big boobs (38 H) but so do lots of other people. But do any brands cater to this? No siree!

Then let’s take it one step further: what if I actually want a high quality blazer, made with gorgeous fabrics and proper tailoring inside? Forget about it!

Which is why my first proper Cashmerette Auburn Blazer is such a joy.

Cashmerette Auburn Blazer

Designing this sewing pattern and being able to sew it in whatever fabrics I choose means for the very first time in my life I have a luxurious, well-made blazer that fits all of me. Not having to compromise with boxiness, or huge shoulders, but actually fit each part of me properly.

That’s profound stuff!

Cashmerette Auburn Blazer

I have always been such a fan of statement outerwear—despite the lack of an ability to actually purchase it for myself—so when I made my first “proper” Auburn Blazer (i.e. not a sample made of muslin!) I decided to go full out.

First up, the main fabric. I decided to buy some iconic Harris Tweed, a nod to my Scottish childhood growing up in the Highlands. Harris Tweed is known the world over as an iconic woven wool tweed, made on the Isle of Harris, off the west coast of Scotland. They have a whole range of options from tartans, to checks, herringbones and plains, and it was an agonizing time deciding which too choose.

In the end, I went with this wonderful saturated, jeweled, deep plum colour, called “Rich Purple 212”. I knew it would make a statement but also go with a lot of my wardrobe, including my often-worn stripy Concord T-shirts and jeans.

Cashmerette Auburn Blazer

However I couldn’t limit myself to just one option! So, for the undercollar, I used a magnificent purple/cream herringbone (NHB3) which is a fun surprise hidden underneath. These little details are just one of the things I love about sewing!

Cashmerette Auburn Blazer

Then for the lining, another big decision. I am a huge fan of statement linings, so I wanted something bold that would coordinate with the deep plum. Keeping my jacket firmly planted in the British Isles, I headed over to Liberty of London and decided to use this phenomenal new silk satin print, called ‘Coastal Parade‘, together with a co-ordinating lavender duchess satin flat piping.

Cashmerette Auburn Blazer
Cashmerette Auburn Blazer

Again, far from a cheap option! But you know what? I am worth it. My curvy, busty body, that works so hard to create these sewing patterns, is worthy of a luxury garment. Not only that, but I really spent my sweet time making it, and I know it’s going to last for years. So perhaps expensive upfront, but I expect the price-per-wear is going to be great.

It’s the combination of the fit and details which I think make the Auburn Blazer shine.

Princess seams that work for an H cup…

Cashmerette Auburn Blazer

That angled single welt pocket…

Cashmerette Auburn Blazer

And I decided to make a fabric-covered button from the tweed to keep the elegant look.

Cashmerette Auburn Blazer
Cashmerette Auburn Blazer

For this mini photoshoot, I headed up to Broadway Tower, a local landmark that sits atop the hill that overlooks the village where I’ve been living for the past year. I channeled all my country squire vibes and thoroughly entertained some locals who wondered who this under-dressed woman was (it was FREEZING!) and why she was leaning against walls at a jaunty angle. The things we do for fashion!

Cashmerette Auburn Blazer

So that’s the story of my Harris Tweed Auburn Blazer—and it may well not be my last! I’ve always wanted a soft grey blazer, and I might just have to fire up the iron, get out the clapper, and start tailoring again soon…

21 thoughts on “Because I’m worth it: my Harris Tweed & Liberty Auburn Blazer

  1. Janet says:

    This blazer is beautiful, Jenny – and it’s great to see Harris Tweed showcased in such a vibrant fabric combination.

  2. Deb says:

    Beautiful fabric, beautiful color, beautiful fit, beautiful pattern. I love it.

  3. VeeSF says:

    Love everything about this jacket – the color, the fabrics, the look overall. For you. When you draft one with a shawl collar, I’ll be there. :o)

  4. Elle says:


  5. Becky says:

    That is one of the most professional looking blazers I’ve seen not sewn in a factory. Kudos to you!

  6. Annika Wahlström says:

    I just love this jacket! The colours, the right amount of ”visible” detail, the fit! The pattern! Love it!

  7. Beautiful, stylish, a modern classic! I can’t wait to get sewing mine.

  8. bethindecatur says:

    The blazer is glorious and inspiring ! The photo shoot is perfect,I liked the Wellies as the perfect stylish accessory. You might want to fix “”Libery” in your headline. Your work always loos so professional, and I figured you’d like it spelled liberty instead.

    1. Ayelet says:

      Thank you so much! We’ve fixed the typo 🙂

      -Ayelet at Cashmerette

    2. Sue E says:

      You might want to fix loos😅 here in Uk that’s the toilet. Just kidding you. I love the jacket, style fabric and fit.

  9. K. S. says:

    Beautiful jacket and yes, having a blazer that fits is so empowering. I love the color and all your other choices. Definitely worth the cost of the fabric and time spent to create it.

  10. Eulalee Muir says:

    Great fit, beautiful color. I have been searching the free plus size pattern on line and have found many. Sadly I have not seen any of yours even though I have been told that all good designers have at least one free easy PDF pattern online.

  11. Alex says:

    This a beautiful blazer! Any thoughts on fabrics that would suit a south Texas climate? A fabric that could be lined and tailored for warm winters.

  12. Lisa Thomas says:

    Wow, what a beautiful jacket, you are so talented.

  13. Sarah W says:

    Really superb. Yes you deserve such a magnificent garment.

  14. Shirley says:

    Beautiful color jacket and marvelous linning. Here in the US all we see listed as Harris tweed are brown and gray colors so a bright color is welcome.

  15. Kim Schultz says:

    I am planning on a Harris Tweed jacket or blazer so I’ve been researching and I have my gorgeous Harris Tweed here just waiting for me. Did you have to pre-shrink your tweed before cutting your pattern pieces? I can definitely see how gorgeous that Blazer fits you and I can not wait to have that perfectly fitting bespoke piece. Thank you for all you do!

    1. Ayelet says:

      Hi Kim, you should pre-treat your fabric as needed. For many wool and wool blends, this means running a hot, steamy iron all over your fabric to help it shrink a tiny bit. This ensures that when you apply your interfacing to your cut pieces, the wool doesn’t shrink on you and distort the interfacing.

      -Ayelet at Cashmerette

  16. Shalini Rajagopal says:

    So beautiful! Hope it continues to give you joy

  17. Wendy Grant says:

    How lovely to see you at beautiful Broadway Tower – it’s only 4miles from where I live and a favourite spot of mine for a coffee & walking the dog!
    I too have 38H bra size/only Uk 16 hips, have recently bought this jacket pattern and invested in some amazing pink Harris herringbone tweed. So I was very excited at all the coincidences I found in this blog after signing up last week to The Club!
    I have zero smart tailored jackets, looking in shops is an utter waste of time. Watch this space….

    1. Wendy Grant says:

      I just re-read the article and spotted the tweed used for the under collar is the ACTUAL tweed I’ve bought!!

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