April 27, 2021

A Concord T-Shirt Celebration with The Confident Stitch

The Concord T-Shirt is now available in sizes 0-32 and cup sizes C-H! This tried ‘n’ true curve-friendly t-shirt pattern turned 5 years old this month, so we decided to throw a little birthday party for the Concord along with our friends at The Confident Stitch. Welcome!

Concord celebration with the Confident Stitch

The Concord T-Shirt is our bestselling pattern, and it’s easy to see why: it’s a fully customizable knit tee sewing pattern with multiple neckline, sleeve, and hem features that you can mix and match to make over 50 t-shirt combinations. T-shirts are wardrobe must-haves, and you deserve tees that fit well and feel great!

We know how helpful it can be to see a pattern on a variety of bodies, so we partnered up with six fabulous sewists in the community to sew up final versions of the Concord T-Shirt using fabric generously gifted by the lovely folks at The Confident Stitch.

The Confident Stitch is an indie fabric shop located in Missoula, Montana, with a online fabric selection that is sure to knock your socks off. Our makers had so many great t-shirt knits to choose from, and The Confident Stitch wants to help you get the look, too! Now through Monday, May 3, 2021, you can save 15% on jersey and t-shirt knits in their shop using code CONCORDCOLLABclick here to browse the dozens of qualifying fabrics.

Okay, let’s get the party started!

Lauren’s Concord T-Shirt

We’re big fans of Lauren (Lladybird), and were so excited to see her in a Cashmerette! Lauren sewed up a cute cropped Concord in a heather gray cotton/rayon knit from The Confident Stitch. It’s such a wearable look, and we love that she paired it with a high-waisted skirt—View A is perfect for that.

Lauren used our new 0-16 size range. She made a size 0 E/F and her measurements are high bust 30″, full bust 33″, waist 26″, and hips 37″.

Here’s what Lauren had to say about her new Concord:

“Cutting and sewing the Concord was very fast—there are few pieces and everything was zipped through my serger, with the hems sewn on my coverstitch machine. The fabric was great to work with—it was easy to cut and sew (no rolling!) and pressed nicely under the iron. I am loving these little cropped t-shirts! I think they’ll be especially great to wear while exercising.”

Check out more of what Lauren’s making over on her blog and at @lladybird on Instagram.

Soukprida’s Concord T-Shirt

The Concord is also perfect for cozy and relaxed looks, which is exactly what Soukprida was picturing for her make. Soukprida chose a super soft beige cotton/modal knit. She made View B using the high neckline.

Soukprida used the 12-32 size range. She made a 14 C/D and graded to a 16 in the hips. Her measurements are high bust 39″, full bust 42″, waist 38″, and hips 47″.

Here’s what Soukprida shared with us about her Concord:

“It was such a breeze to sew! I loved how clear the instructions were, and all the markings on the pattern made it quite easy to match pieces, especially the neckline. The fabric I chose is a soft beige knit and it’s incredibly comfy. My vision includes wearing this tucked into sweatpants and for sleep and it feels like a cloud on my skin with lovely stretch so nothing feels too tight on me. Very easy, would make more in this exact fabric! Maybe a cropped version next.”

See more of Soukprida’s sewing adventures over on Instagram at @soukprida.

Faith’s Concord T-Shirt

Vibrant prints? Yes please! The Concord is the perfect canvas for any jersey print you fall in love with, and we were thrilled when Faith picked this geometric print from the Confident Stitch collection. She made View C with a V-neck and 3/4 sleeves.

Faith used our new 0-16 size range to make a 10 C/D. Her measurements are high bust 36″, full bust 37″, waist 33″, and hips 40″.

Here’s what Faith had to say after making her Concord:

“The concord is now my favorite shirt pattern. It was very easy to make. The instructions are very thorough and easy to understand. I also love the different view options.”

See more of what Faith is sewing over on Instagram at @faithstjules and on her blog.

Kenzie’s Concord T-Shirt

Would you believe this is Kenzie’s first time working with knits? The Concord is a great pattern for those looking to try out knits for the first time. Kenzie used a red organic soy knit from The Confident Stitch for her cozy Concord.

Kenzie used the 12-32 size range. She made a 28 E/F and graded to a 32 at the hips. Her measurements are high bust 53.5″, full bust 57″, waist 51″, and hips 62″.

Here’s what Kenzie shared with us about her Concord:

So this was the first knit garment I’d ever sewn, and the fabric, a gorgeous, silky soft, drapey jersey, didn’t do me any favors as a beginner. Regardless, the fabric is beautiful and I have no regrets about using it, it just meant I had to give my neckband a second go. The pattern came together super quickly. I ended up with a fantastic, soft layering piece for winter, and that’s a definite win.

Check out more of Kenzie’s sewing adventures over on Instagram at @sewkenzie.

Whitney’s Concord T-Shirt

Cropped and cute, Whitney’s Concord has us green with envy! This emerald green interlock knit from The Confident Stitch goes beautifully with her hair color, and we love that she layered it over a shirtdress.

Whitney used our new 0-16 size range. She made an 10 G/H and graded to a 12 at the waist. Her measurements are high bust 36″, full bust 40″, waist 32″, and hips 38.5″.

Whitney had this to say about her new Concord:

“I used an organic cotton interlock for this version and it’s perfect for a cropped “sweater.” I can’t even explain the elation in making a t-shirt that fits my bust correctly without making any alterations. This is almost unheard of in sewing patterns and was just so freeing! The sewing was easy and quick and I see quite a few more of these in different variations in my future.”

Catch more of what Whitney’s sewing up over on her YouTube channel.

Aaronica’s Concord T-Shirt

Aaronica picked a soft peach cotton/modal knit for her Concord T-Shirt. We can see this being a total wardrobe workhorse, whether styled with jeans or as a layering piece under a snazzy jacket or blazer.

Aaronica used our 12-32 size range. She made a size 18 C/D and graded to a 28 in the hips. Her measurements are high bust 42″, full bust 46.5″, waist 44″, and hips 58″.

Here’s what Aaronica wanted to share about her Concord:

“The fit of the Concord is truly unmatched. I love the technique used for the curved hem because hemming the curved hem can be so hard! Doing it this way made it so much easier. I used a cotton modal in a pale pink which is so versatile. I tend to sweat a lot so using a fabric that’s both soft and breathable is something that’s important to me. This fabric is both. And it washes really well!”

See more of what Aaronica’s sewing up over on her blog and on Instagram at @aaronicabcole.

Save 15% at The Confident Stitch

A huge thanks to our makers, and to the folks over at the Confident Stitch for their generous donation of all this great fabric! Don’t forget that you can save 15% on their jerseys and t-shirt knits now through May 3, 2021 using code CONCORDCOLLAB.

We can’t wait to see what fabric you choose for your next Concord T-Shirt! Be sure to tag your makes with #ConcordTShirt so we can marvel over your makes, too.

Let me know what you think!