March 8, 2021

Blazer Bound: The Photoshoot

The Auburn Blazer is nearly here! As part of our Blazer Bound blog series, we’re taking you behind the scenes of our recent Auburn photoshoot. Lights, camera, action!

By far the most fun part of the pattern development process is the photoshoot. The pattern is finally finished, the samples have all been meticulously sewn, and they’re coming to life on beautiful models right in front of our eyes. Once the hair fan turns on and the music starts playing, it’s a party!

But before we jump into the photoshoot, we want to share an exciting announcement: we have a new Auburn Blazer Facebook group! We heard from many of you that you’d like to sew your Auburn alongside others in a supportive community where you can ask questions at every step, so that’s exactly what we’ll be doing in this new group. (The sewalong will also be available on our blog.) Come join us for non-stop blazer talk as well as exciting sneak peeks and—best of all—first dibs on the pattern and kits!

The Auburn Blazer Photoshoot

Our photoshoots look a little different these days. In the days of yore, we’d have our makeup artist, photographer, and our whole team crammed into our small studio along with our models—and snacks, so many snacks. But to keep everyone safe in pandemic times, we have only two of our team members present and our models come at different times. Everyone is masked up and keeps their distance as much as possible, and sadly there are no snacks. Oh, and Jenny joins via Zoom!

We do all of our photoshoots in a designated area of our studio. Our photographer Ken shows up bright and early to get his equipment set up. He’s been with us on this journey from day one of Cashmerette—he’s snapped every single photo you see on the cover of our patterns!

When our models arrive, they go right to makeup. Laura is our beloved makeup artist, and she knows just the look we go for: soft and natural but with a bright lip that will show up on camera.

The stars of our photoshoots are of course our models! For the Auburn Blazer, we brought in a new model, Char, and a returning model, Gigi, who you might recognize from the Saybrook Tank and Belmont Leggings. Both did a fabulous job modeling the new pattern, but you’ll have to wait just a little longer to see the final photos!

Many of our models don’t have much previous modeling experience, and Carrie and Julie from our team show them the ropes and guide them through different poses. Carrie’s a pro at getting models to laugh for the camera—her fake chortle instantly gets the whole room cracking up. (Also, she knitted her own sweater because she’s super talented.)

Once our photoshoot wraps up and we have the photos in hand, they’re off to get processed and added to the pattern envelope and booklet, which are later sent to the printers. Then our launch day prep can start in earnest!

Now that we’ve had our photoshoot, we can’t wait to show you how good the Auburn Blazer looks. It’s coming your way so very soon—who’s as excited as we are?

2 thoughts on “Blazer Bound: The Photoshoot

  1. Donna Makowski says:

    Me Me ME!!!

  2. Gale Barnett says:

    So excited to get to take with pattern and make a blazer that fits with just a touch of give.

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