January 13, 2021

Download the Free Upton Mix & Match Worksheet!

The new Upton Dress & Skirt plus Mix & Match Expansion Pack includes bodice, neckline, sleeve, and skirt options to make over 350 different dresses and skirts. To help you plan out your dream dress or skirt, we’ve created a free downloadable worksheet—keep reading to learn more!

With the new Upton Mix & Match Expansion, we wanted to give you lots of options so that you craft your perfect dress. But sometimes, lots of options can bring on a touch of decision paralysis, so if you’re not sure where to start for your first Upton, we’re here to help!

We’ve created a free printable worksheet that includes illustrations of all of the features included in the new expansion. This worksheet includes front and back views of all bodice, neckline, sleeve, and skirt options, plus curvy croquis (figure outlines) on which you can arrange the pieces to assemble your dress or skirt.

Ready to try it?


How do I use this free worksheet?

Here’s Cashmerette team member Mallory to show you how:

This worksheet is designed to be printed at home. The first four pages have illustrations of the various pattern options—we told you there were a lot to choose from!

Cut out the features you’re considering using paper scissors. You can even color them in ahead of time if you have a particular fabric or color palette in mind.

The last page has front and back croquis where you can play around with different configurations. All of the features are interchangeable, which means that any bodice type (princess, darted) plays nicely with any neckline (square, scoop, v-neck) and any skirt (gored, pleated), as well as any sleeve type! (When sewing your Upton, be sure to use the sleeveless bodice option for cap sleeves.)

Here’s how a daywear Upton Dress might look. We’ve combined the darted bodice and square neckline with short fitted sleeves and a knee-length pleated skirt.

Want something a little more glam? This evening-wear Upton Dress features the princess seamed bodice and v-neckline with elbow-length flutter sleeves and a tea-length gored skirt.

And don’t forget that you can make any skirt on its own with the contoured waistband included in the expansion! Here’s the maxi-length pleated skirt option we love so much. (Check it out on model Rachel to see why.)

Once you’ve settled on your ideal Upton Dress or Upton Skirt (or the first one you’d like to try—you could make all 350+ combinations if you wanted!), you can glue your pieces down on your croquis to help you visualize your Upton as you’re sewing it up. Then it’s time to start sewing!

What do you think? We’d love to see what you create with this worksheet, so be sure to snap some pics along the way and share them with us on social media using #UptonDress and #UptonSkirt!

4 thoughts on “Download the Free Upton Mix & Match Worksheet!

  1. Pamela Shadle Flores says:

    What an amazing pattern and expansion pack set!!

  2. Pal K says:

    Fabulous idea
    My drawing skills leave a something to be desired (especially trying to get any kind of conceivable shoulder symmetry)

  3. Janet Parker says:

    I just laid the appropriate sheet under the croquis and traced, then colored in to match the fabric in mind. It is WONDERFUL! I played with two outfit ideas in about 30 minutes, and I would swear my blood pressure dropped as I did it. I would love to see worksheets on your other patterns…

  4. Janis says:

    What a brilliant idea! I would never start with a blank piece of paper and start drawing. I can cut, paste, and color with the best of them. Thank you so much!

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