January 1, 2021

Happy New Year! Introducing the Upton Dress & Skirt Mix and Match Expansion Pack

It’s the start of a new year, and we’re kicking things off with a new pattern. Build the dress of your dreams with the new Upton Dress & Skirt + Mix and Match Expansion Pack! With over 350 possible dress and skirt combinations, this single pattern can do it all.

Ever since we released the Upton Dress, many of you have eagerly requested that we add the option of long, fitted sleeves. We’re here to make your dreams come true with the Upton Dress & Skirt + Mix and Match Expansion Pack! You can now add fitted sleeves to your Upton Dress, and so much more: a new princess seam bodice, square neckline, contoured skirt waistband, multiple skirt lengths, and more! With sizes 12-32 and cup sizes C-H, this is definitely a pattern worth celebrating.

The new Upton Mix and Match Expansion Pack comes in two versions, depending on whether you already have the original Upton Dress pattern.

One Pattern, Over 350 Possibilities!

Mix and match your way to a wardrobe of beautiful dresses and skirts with the Upton Dress & Skirt + Mix & Match Expansion Pack! This pattern features multiple bodice, skirt, sleeve, and neckline options for hundreds (yes, hundreds!) of possible dresses—or the one dress you’ve been dreaming about your whole life. From brunch to cocktails to weddings, this single pattern can do it all.

Model Michelle is showcasing the new fitted long sleeves, princess seam bodice, square neckline, and maxi-length skirt:

Michelle is wearing an Upton in a size 26 C/D graded to a 30 in the waist and hips in a lovely floral rayon poplin. Her measurements are high bust 51″, full bust 53.5″, waist 49.5″, hip 60″, and she is 5′ 6”.

Model Jenny is wearing an Upton with cap sleeves and the tea-length skirt:

Jenny is wearing a burgundy rayon jacquard Upton in a size 22 G/H graded to a 28 in the waist and 32 in hip. Her measurements are high bust 47″, full bust 52″, waist 48″, and hips 61.5″, and she is 5′ 6”.

A new contoured waistband means you can skip the bodice and make a standalone skirt, as shown here on model Rachel:

Rachel is wearing an Upton skirt in a size 16. Her measurements are waist 36.5″ and hips 49.5″. She is 5′ 5”.

From the every day to that all-important day, the Upton can do it all. Ayelet is ready to walk down the aisle—or renew her vows, as she happens to already be married.

Ayelet is wearing a 3-ply silk crepe de chine Upton in a size 14 G/H. Her measurements are high bust 39″, full bust 43.5″, waist 34″, hips 46″, and she is 5′ 4”.

Now let’s dig into all the awesome new features included in the Mix & Match Expansion Pack:

New Bodice Options for the Upton

In addition to the Upton’s darted bodice, we’ve now added a new princess seamed bodice! For both darted and princess seamed bodices you can choose whether to use the sleeveless bodice or the bodice designed for fitted sleeves, and all bodices include cup sizes C-H, which adds up to a whopping total of 20 bodice pieces (16 of which are brand new!).

We know that many of you have strong preferences when it comes to darted versus princess seams, and sleeves versus sleeveless, so now you can have it exactly how you want it—no pattern hacking necessary!

Here you can see the darted bodice and princess seamed bodice in action: Jenny (left) is wearing the sleeveless darted bodice with a cap sleeve, while Michelle (right) is wearing the sleeved princess bodice with fitted sleeves.

New Neckline Options for the Upton

In addition to the Upton’s scoop and v-neck options, we’ve added a new square neckline! So now you can choose from scoop, v-neck, and square front necklines, and high and v-neck back necklines, which can be mixed and matched however you choose.

Here you can see Rachel (left) showing off the scoop front neckline, Michelle (middle) in the square neckline, and Jenny (right) in the v-neck.

For the back, Rachel (left) is modeling the high back and Jenny (right) is modeling the v-neck back. (Say hi to RBG!)

New Sleeve Options for the Upton

Okay, this might just be the best part of the new Upton Mix and Match Expansion: sleeves! The new expansion includes eight—yup, you read that right!—sleeve options: fitted sleeves (including standard and full bicep options) in short, 3/4 and long lengths, tie sleeves, cap sleeves, short and elbow-length flutter sleeves, and the classic Upton sleeveless option.

Here you can see our lovely models showing off the sleeveless option, the fitted long sleeve (short and 3/4 also available), cap sleeve, elbow-length flutter sleeve (short flutter sleeve also available) and tie sleeve, from left to right.

So many fabulous sleeve options! You get a sleeve, you get a sleeve, and you get a sleeve!

New Skirt Options for the Upton

Along with the Upton’s original knee-length skirt, we’ve added two new skirt length options! You can now make the pleated or gored skirts in a knee, tea, or maxi length to suit the season or the occasion. We’ve also added a new contoured waistband if you want to skip the bodice and just make a skirt.

Here you can see the gored skirt in three lengths: knee, tea, and maxi (left to right).

And the pleated skirt in knee and maxi lengths (left to right, tea length also available) .

All of the skirt options can be made as standalone skirts using our new contoured waistband, as shown here by model Rachel:

Multiple Pattern Options

There are two options for purchasing the new expansion, and both include sizes 12-32 and cup sizes C-H:

Option 1: If you don’t own the original Upton Dress pattern

If you haven’t already purchased the Upton Dress pattern, you can get the new Upton Dress & Skirt + Mix and Match Expansion as a complete set. That’s 32 pattern pieces and over 350 possible dress and skirt combos! This option is available in PDF for $23 USD and printed for $29 USD.

Option 2: If you already own the original Upton Dress pattern

Already have the Upton Dress pattern? You can pick up the new Upton Mix and Match Expansion as an expansion pack only. This option is available in PDF for $18 USD, and includes 25 brand-new pieces that take your Upton Dress pattern from 6 possible combinations to over 350 dress and skirt combos! Talk about an upgrade.

Option 3: If you already own the original Upton Dress sleeve expansion

Previously bought the Upton Dress sleeve expansion? Email us at hello@cashmerette.com with proof of purchase, and we’ll send you a new PDF file with the revised darted bodice, revised original sleeves, and the new fitted sleeve for free! (Want all the new pieces? Then the Expansion Pack will be the best bet).

Upton Dress, Now in Sizes 12-32

Along with the new Upton Mix and Match Expansion Pack, the original Upton Dress pattern is now available in our new size range, too. You can now get the Upton Dress pattern in sizes 12-32 and cup sizes C-H in PDF, and we’ll be updating the printed pattern as soon as we can.

Already own the Upton? If you have previously purchased a PDF copy of the Upton Dress pattern directly from us, you’ll receive the updated pattern automatically in your inbox. If you purchased a printed copy directly from us, you can email us at hello@cashmerette.com with your order number and we’ll send you the updated PDF files.

If you purchased a printed or PDF copy from a different retailer, you can send us a photo of your receipt or proof of purchase to hello@cashmerette.com to receive the updated PDF files.

Here’s what sewist Annette had to say recently when she tried the Upton:

“This dress came out so lovely, the fit around the bust was so good I could not believe it was possible.”

And sewist Laura had this to say:

“Best dress I’ve ever made. Cashmerette patterns are so intuitive. The written instructions and the pictures really make it so I’m not seam ripping more than I’m actually sewing!!! The fit is the best I’ve ever experienced.”

Read dozens of 5-star reviews for the Upton here, and be sure to check out Rachel’s Upton collection, and Candice’s Uptons too!

A fit-and-flare woven dress pattern with more possible combinations than the number of days in this year? We’ll toast to that!

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  1. Janet says:

    Beautiful launch on beautiful bodies!! Lovely dresses and great options.

  2. Alyssa says:

    Please please please, can we have a source for that GORGEOUS black floral? Those tulips are the living end!

    1. It’s a heavy sateen from Telio, but it was a few years ago now so I’m not sure if it’s still available! (and lol yes we’ve been planning this for YEARS!)

  3. Lelia Lyon says:

    Incredible!! I can’t believe how much you have added. And I Love the energy Jenny brings to the party.

  4. Faine says:

    Just found you. Maybe I would have never stopped sewing if there were patterns like yours years ago. Faine

  5. Jan Shaw says:

    I don’t have access to a printer so would love to see your expansion packs in printed versions.

  6. Sandra says:

    What a great idea – well done.

  7. Cindy says:

    Thank you so much, the Upton dress is so lovely and this year I was going to try Jenny’s tutorial in making princess seams instead of darts, but now I don’t have to!! And the models all look so beautiful in their dresses and skirts. Happy New Year💚🐾

  8. Elizabeth Daly says:

    Wow! Certainly going to get the expansion pack. As always you have gorgeous models showing gorgeous dresses. Love the one Michelle is wearing

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