September 28, 2020

Download the Saybrook Tank Sewalong!

Sewing up a Saybrook Tank? You can now download the full sewalong! Click the link below to download a PDF version of the complete Saybrook sewalong that you can access from any device without needing to connect to the Internet, or to print out and use while sewing.

Download the Saybrook Tank sewalong (19 pages, 2 MB)

It’s fun to sew along as a community, but we know that not everyone has time to go step-by-step with us. The sewalongs become a great resource for sewists even years down the road. If you’re cranking out a Saybrook in one sitting, you may not want to click through all of the pages, so this downloadable all-in-one sewalong is a great one-click alternative option.

Let us know if this downloadable version is helpful!

3 thoughts on “Download the Saybrook Tank Sewalong!

  1. Karen Mackenzie says:

    I would love to have more of these available as a download. It’s nice to see how others do the tricky bits in some of the more difficult patterns.

  2. Vanesa Navarro says:

    Thank you! It will be super helpful ! 💕💕

  3. brigitte says:

    I’m finally making the Saybrook! What an awesome pattern and thank you for the tutorial!

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