April 27, 2020

The Concord T-Shirt, Now Available in Sizes 12-32

Exciting news! Everyone’s favorite TNT pattern—the Concord T-Shirt—is now available in sizes 12-32 in PDF, with the Cashmerette signature multi-cup sizes C-H!

The Concord is also one of our most fun patterns to hack, and we’ve seen some amazing hacks over the years. We want you to help us choose our next Concord hack tutorial—keep reading to learn how you can vote for your favorite hack!

A well-fitting, comfortable t-shirt is a must-have for any wardrobe, especially these days when we’re all living in loungewear. Get a perfect fit right out of the package with the Concord T-Shirt! The Concord features three hem lengths, three necklines, three sleeve lengths and two sleeve finishes for dozens of possible variations. What more could one want from a t-shirt pattern?

The Concord joins our growing list of sewing patterns available in our new size range, including the Calder Pants & Shorts, Fuller Cardigan, Montrose Top, and more. (For the full list of patterns available in sizes 12-32, click here.) At this time, only the PDF version of the Concord pattern is available in sizes 12-32, but we will update the printed version as soon as it comes up for reprinting.

Friend and Cashmerette model Michelle is wearing a Concord T-Shirt in size 26 C/D graded to a 30 at the waist and hips. She measures 55” bust, 50” waist, and 60” hip, and she is 5’ 6”.

Sewing up your first Concord T-Shirt? (Yay! We’re so excited for you!!) We’ve got a sewalong with new step-by-step photos and our best tips and tricks right here.

We also recommend checking out this blog post to see the Concord in all colors of the rainbow on a variety of bodies.

Aizhan measures 45″ bust, 40″ waist, and 50″ hip and is wearing a size 18 C/D graded to a 20 at the hips. She is 5’ 5”.

Syreeta measures 45″ bust, 37″ waist, and 46″ hip and is wearing a size 16 G/H. She is 5’ 11”.

Already own the Concord T-Shirt? If you have previously purchased a PDF copy of the Concord directly from us, you’ll receive the updated pattern automatically in your inbox. If you purchased a printed copy directly from us, you can email us at hello@cashmerette.com with your order number and we’ll send you the updated PDF files.

If you purchased a printed or PDF copy from a different retailer, you can send us a photo of your receipt or proof of purchase to hello@cashmerette.com to receive the updated PDF files.

Introducing the Great Concord Hack-Off!

The Concord T-Shirt is a fabulously hackable pattern, and we’ve seen and made some amazing hacks over the years. (Check out our Concord dress hack, as well as our roundup of t-shirt hacks that you’ve made.) In honor of the Concord T-Shirt’s new size range, we’re celebrating with a new pattern hack tutorial, and we want you to help us pick it!

Here’s how it works: we’re auditioning 16 different hack ideas in a bracket-style competition to find out which one you’d most like to see made. Each day, pattern hacks will battle it out in one-on-one face-offs until a winner emerges, and then we’ll make that tutorial for you!

Vote for your favorites each day in our Instagram Stories or in the Facebook group, starting with the first four face-offs today (April 27, 2020). Voting begins around 12 pm EDT each day and closes at 10 am EDT the following morning. By this Saturday, we’ll have narrowed it down to two finalists, and then we’ll get to sewing those hacks so you can see how they’ll look. After a final head-to-head, one winner will emerge and that will be the tutorial we’ll make to share with you all!

Here is our starting bracket. Head on over to Instagram or the Facebook group (or both, if you want your votes to count twice!) right now to weigh in on your faves in each face-off.

Have you tried out any of these hacks? Do you hope your favorite wins the whole thing? Let us know in the comments below! And be sure to share your Concords with the hashtag #ConcordTShirt so we can rave about your awesome me-made tees.

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