March 24, 2020

A Rainbow of Cashmerette, Featuring You!

We were so inspired by Rachel’s Rainbow of Cashmerette, so we wanted to put together a rainbow of Cashmerette makes, featuring all of you!

A big big thanks to everyone who sent in photos to our Rainbow of Cashmerette giveaway. The giveaway is now over (keep reading to see the winners) but we love seeing your makes anytime, so keep on sharing them with us!

Rachel’s rainbow includes her two TNT (tried ‘n’ true) patterns, the Upton Dress and the Lenox Shirtdress. For our collective rainbow, we opened it up any patterns in the Cashmerette collection in Rachel’s 10 colors—red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, white, gray, and black. It was such a joy to get a daily delivery of photos into our inbox during the week of the giveaway.

We’d love to share all of the makes with you but there were so many, so here is a sampling of some of the makes you shared with us.

You all sent us a full rainbow of Concord T-Shirts! A good tee is a wardrobe workhorse, so it makes sense to have it in all the colors. And it’s so fun to hack!

Pictured above: row 1: Caryl, Karen, Miriam, Celia, Malin; row 2: Pam, Addie, Josie, Lilia, Nina

There was almost a full rainbow of Upton Dresses as well. (Orange Upton, anyone? Only Rachel?) The Upton has a classic silhouette and it’s perfect for pairing with bold or muted prints. Or in all white for a wedding dress—heart eyes all around!

Pictured above: row 1: Andrea, Donna, Lana, Kate, Maggie; row 2: Josie, Heather, Thaise (dress modeled by her mom), Chris

We were two colors short of a full house for the Turner Dress. You all look so glam in this skater-style dress that doubles as secret pajamas!

Pictured above: row 1: Kathy, Cate, Nicola, Marion, Marion; row 2: Lelia, Claire, Sheila

By far the most popular color we received submissions for was blue. We also did an informal poll on our Facebook group, where blue came out on top as the most popular color of the ten (with twice as many of you sewing up blue makes than the next most popular color, purple). The least popular color was orange.

Pictured above: row 1: Addie (Concord T-Shirt), Claire (Harrison Shirt), Jill (Dartmouth Top), Amy (Washington Dress); row 2: Brandy (Springfield Top), Felicity (Washington Dress), Nicki (Concord Top), Erin (Upton Dress)

We love that you all aren’t afraid of bright colors and bold prints! It’s inspiring us to do the same. All the love for all the colors of the rainbow!

Pictured above: row 1: Ashlee (Alcott Dress), Karen (Pembroke Tunic), Jenny (Pembroke Dress), Gemma (Pembroke Dress); row 2: Kat (Concord T-Shirt), Josie (Rivermont Top), Monserratt (Appleton Dress), Charmaine (Lenox Shirtdress)

And of course, we got to see some fabulous pattern hacks. Isn’t that the best part of sewing, after all?

Pictured above: row 1: Josie (Upton Dress), Laura (Tobin Sweater), Desa (Concord T-Shirt); row 2: Lana (Upton Dress), Thaise (Montrose Top, modeled by mom), Brandy (Springfield Top)

And now it’s time to announce the winners! Drumroll please…

Here they are, the ten winners of our Rainbow of Cashmerette giveaway! We randomly selected one make per color and these were the lucky sewists who won a free PDF pattern of their choice.

Pictured above: row 1: Kate (Appleton Dress), Laura (Tobin Sweater), Jennifer (Turner Dress), Celia (Concord T-Shirt), Karen (Pembroke Tunic); row 2: Alison (Montrose Top), Niomi (Cedar Dolman Top), Lilia (Montrose Top), Josie (Rivermont Dress), Nina (Washington Dress)

A big thanks to everyone who sent in their photos to enter the giveaway, and to our rainbow-maker-in-chief Rachel for the inspiration that started it all! You can follow Rachel’s sewing journey over on instagram at @therltproject.

Have you been inspired to sew a more colorful wardrobe? Perhaps an orange Upton? Let us know what you plan to make next!

2 thoughts on “A Rainbow of Cashmerette, Featuring You!

  1. Addie says:

    Thanks for the mention! I realized that I have three blue Cashmerette makes: one’s a blue solid, one’s a blue print, and one’s a blue stripe, ha! As much as I enjoy them all, I need to get some other colors going in my next Cashmerette projects.

    1. Addie says:

      I left one more out. I also have a blue-dot! Enough with the blues already…

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