August 26, 2019

Your Cashmerette Makes: Holyoke Maxi Dress and Skirt Roundup

The Holyoke Maxi Dress and Skirt pattern has been out for a couple of months, and we love seeing what you’ve done with it! This is by far the best part of the whole process and it brings us so much joy to see the fabulous fabrics you select and creative hacks you try!

We’ve rounded up some of your fabulous Holyokes so that you can see how the pattern looks on a variety of bodies, find a new sewist or two to follow, and get inspired to make your own. If you’re ready to give the Holyoke a try, be sure to check out our Holyoke Maxi Dress and Skirt sewalong where we load you up with even more inspiration, pattern hacks, and step-by-step photo tutorials to guide you through the entire journey.

Renee // Donna // Cheryl 

We love seeing the great prints you all pair with this pattern! The Holyoke is a great canvas for a variety of prints, both large and small.

Shannon // Claire // Kara // Séverine

When in doubt, go floral! If one thing’s for sure, it’s that florals go perfectly with the Holyoke. (We have a couple of kits left if you want your own flowery Holyoke.)

Laquana // Elise

Holyoke looks great in solids, too. These chambray Holyokes look especially lovely!

Nateida // Karina // Tiffany // Stephanie

If maxi dresses are a bit too much for you, why not shorten the Holyoke like these sewists?

Andie // Andie // Lili // Lili // Tracey // Tracey

Jessica // Jessica // Chris // Chris

Rachel // Rachel // Becky // Becky

Seems like a few of you can’t get enough of the Holyoke! Sewists Andie, Lili, Tracey, Jessica, Rachel, and Becky all sewed up two or more Holyoke Dresses! And special props to Rachel for mashing the Lenox and Holyoke together to make a sleeved Holyoke.

Chris // Victoria

You can hack the Holyoke and leave off the button placket like Chris and Victoria (and Tracey, featured earlier in the post). It results in a lovely, clean front.

Michelle // gMarie // Sierra // Ayelet

And let’s not forget the Holyoke Maxi Skirt! So floaty and comfortable, the Holyoke Skirt is a dream to sew and wear.

Carolyn // Carolyn // Meg // Meg

Two Cashmerette pals, Meg and Carolyn, made multiple Holyoke Skirts and blogged all about them!

Inspired to make your own Holyoke Maxi Dress or Skirt? Be sure to tag your photos with the hashtags #HolyokeDress or #HolyokeSkirt so we can all marvel at your beautiful makes!

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