August 13, 2019

Holyoke Variation: A Pop-of-Color Peplum

Hey, it’s Ayelet here, coming at you with our first Holyoke Maxi Dress and Skirt hack! This is an adorable peplum version that I got to make and model (am I living the dream or what?!) and you can have one of you very own with one simple pattern adjustment!

(Just joining us? Be sure to check out the main Holyoke Maxi Dress and Skirt sewalong page for fabric inspiration, sizing recommendations, step-by-step photos, and more!)

Ready to rock this peplum? Let’s get started!

Once you’ve prepared you fabric and pattern pieces (and perhaps made a fit muslin), grab your side skirt pattern piece. All we need to do is cut a shorter skirt to achieve the peplum look.

I picked the bottom pocket notch as my marker for where to cut (that’s about 10″ or 25.5 cm down from the waist edge), but you can, of course, choose any length you want. Don’t forget to account for a hem! As drafted, the skirt has a 2 1/2″ hem (about 6.5 cm; fold hem over by 1″ and then fold over again by 1 1/2″). This seemed a bit wide for the peplum, so I used a 1″ hem (2.5 cm; I folded them hem over by 1/2″ and then again by 1/2″).

Now we need to draw a line across the skirt piece, maintaining the same length down from the waist edge and mirroring the curve of the waist.

Let’s do the same thing on all the skirt pieces, always keeping the same length down from the waist edge.

Now cut or fold your pattern pieces at those dashed lines, and you’re good to go! You can cut the rest of the Holyoke pieces as drafted, but skip the pocket pieces since we won’t need those. Oh, and don’t forget cut only the length you need for the skirt center front button placket interfacing.

Sew up your peplum following the same instructions as the Holyoke Maxi Dress (skipping the pockets and using a narrower hem, if that’s what you chose) and then rock your new top, you cutie you!

I sewed this Holyoke peplum top in fuchsia linen in a size 12 E/F, and paired with it my size 12 pear-fit black Ames Jeans.


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2 thoughts on “Holyoke Variation: A Pop-of-Color Peplum

  1. Tanya says:

    I love this variation and will be tempted to make it!! I might even add cap sleeves to take it into autumn!!!
    By the way, would any of your longer sleeve patterns from other cashmerette patterns fit into the armsyce of the Holyoke dress/top?

    1. Ayelet says:

      Cap sleeves would be adorable! I might have to try that now 🙂

      I wouldn’t recommend trying to fit any of the sleeves from the other patterns into the armscye of the Holyoke. The Holyoke was drafted specifically to be sleeveless, so you likely wouldn’t have enough room to move your arm comfortably if you were to add a full sleeve.

      -Ayelet at Cashmerette

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