June 24, 2019

The Concord T-Shirt Gets a Fresh Look!

The Concord T-Shirt has been one of our most popular patterns ever since we launched it back in 2016—the third ever Cashmerette Pattern! There’s no beating a simple, well-fitting pattern that can be adapted so many ways. Three hem lengths, three neckline finishes, three sleeve lengths, and two sleeve finishes, all of which can be mixed and matched for tee that’s just how you like it—what could be better?

We recently had the opportunity to give the Concord’s cover a fresh look, and we had some fabulous sewist-models in the studio to help us! Syreeta, Sierra and Aizhan showcase the versatility of the Concord. We hope you love the new pics as much as we do at Cashmerette HQ, and maybe they might inspire your next make!

Aizhan measures 45″ bust, 40″ waist, and 50″ hip and is wearing a size 18 C/D graded to a 20 at the hips. She’s wearing View C (long curved hem, scoop neck, mid-length hemmed sleeves with sleeve tabs) in a luscious Telio stretch bamboo rayon jersey.

Syreeta measures 45″ bust, 37″ waist, and 46″ hip and is wearing a size 16 G/H. She’s wearing View B (mid-length, V neck, long cuffed sleeves) in a fun striped Art Gallery jersey.

Sierra measures 53.5″ bust, 43.5″ waist, and 54″ hip and is wearing a size 24 G/H. She’s wearing View A (cropped length, high neck, short cuffed sleeves) in a subtle striped Art Gallery jersey.

The Concord’s three sleeve options—short, mid, and long—can be paired with any view! Finish your sleeve with a cuff or add a sleeve tab for a special detail.

The Concord has three neckline options—high scoop, low scoop, and V neck—so that you can choose how much coverage you want up top. The pattern instructions walk you through each of the neckline finishes step-by-step—no need to fear the V neck!

Want to take your Concord to the next level? Get inspired with these four fun twists on the classic t-shirt.

3 thoughts on “The Concord T-Shirt Gets a Fresh Look!

  1. Jamie says:

    I have been noticing lately the diversity of models you work with, and I appreciate it. I see people of different races, ages, bust sizes, and heights on your patterns. They are all pretty feminine-presenting, but that is in line with the styles you design.

    1. Janis says:

      I agree…. thanks for using real everyday people to model the clothes and not some stylized model.


    Finally got to sew my shirt and finished this afternoon. Went together very easy. I did the shirt tail botttom and put the cuff on the midlength sleeve without the tab. For my return to sewing after a very long absence, I am pleased. I plan on making a longer length one this fall with long sleeves. Great pattern-good for beginners.

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