April 12, 2018

Harrison Shirt Full Bicep Sleeve

Hot on the heels of our super popular full bicep sleeve for the Montrose Top, I’m pleased to announce our new  Harrison Shirt Full Bicep Sleeve!

Harrison Shirt Full Bicep Sleeve

The Harrison Shirt Full Bicep Sleeve is a free downloadable PDF pattern (only 11 pages, so even if you hate taping it’ll be over before you know it) and you’ll need the existing Harrison Shirt pattern for all the other pieces. No changes are needed to the construction – just swap the Full Bicep sleeve out for the standard sleeve. The piece adds another 1 inch (2.5 cm) to the bicep of the sleeve. The amount of ease you want in the sleeve is really up to you, but we’d generally recommend 1.5 – 2.5 inches in the Harrison.

Harrison Shirt Discounts!

To celebrate this expansion pack, we’re also doing some discounts!  (Valid through 30 April, 2018).

  • Get 20% off our best-selling online workshop Shirt Making for Curves (this includes a free copy of the pattern) using code HARRISON20 at checkout.

“I just have to say how much I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this whole experience – from the pattern (which fits me so well!) to the class, to making my own shirts and Harrison dress. I can’t seem to get enough of them! This has become my first true Tried ‘n’ True pattern and course.”

— Kathleen

We’re always trying to find new ways to help you get a fantastic fit, and I hope the Harrison Shirt Full Bicep Sleeve will help you get there!


2 thoughts on “Harrison Shirt Full Bicep Sleeve

  1. Thandi Welman-Hawkes says:

    This is wonderful!! I adore my Harrison shirt and shirt dress (I have made four this summer!). If anyone has any doubts about buying this pattern, I have one piece of advice: BUY IT NOW! AT ONCE! NO BOOB GAPE! NO ADJUSTMENTS! You will not regret it. Making this shirt was the first step on my path to accepting my body 💛

  2. Andrea Letourneau says:

    Hooray!! You read my mind! I made my first Harrison shirt last month, and the one thing that I wanted to change on it was to add in a full bicep adjustment. Downloading the sleeve pattern now…

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