December 4, 2017

Jeans Sewing Supplies and Notions: Get Ready to Make your Ames Jeans!

Making your own jeans is a super fun process, but it does require quite a few tools, supplies, and notions! Many of them are things you probably have around the house already or in your regular sewing supplies, but we’ve rounded up all the jeans sewing supplies you’ll need here! You can get the Ames Jeans pattern here and we still have some Cone Mill denim kits available if you’re looking for fabric.

General Supplies

These are bits that you’ll need at various points throughout the process.

  • Rotary cutter — our favorite way to cut fabric!
  • Cutting mat — using a rotary cutter? You’ll definitely need one of these!
  • Shears — sharp scissors are so important!
  • Chalk liner — these Clover Chaco Liners are our absolute favorite. Yellow, gray, and white are a good set
  • Point turner — get nice sharp corners on your waistband with a point turner like this one

Jeans Sewing Supplies

These are the tools that you’ll need specifically when sewing your jeans.

  • Jeans needles — good jeans needles will help your machine get through the thicker fabric
  • Glass head pins — glass head means if you accidentally iron over it, it won’t melt all over your jeans!
  • Wonder tape — placing pockets and attaching the waistband are made so much easier with Wonder Tape…a Cashmerette HQ favorite!
  • Wonder clips — if you’re adding belt loops, these clips help hold things in place when you’re dealing with too many layers for pins
  • Jeanamajig — aka hump jumper; help your sewing machine make it over those thick seams
  • Regular thread — we just use black, it is basically invisible on the denim
  • Topstitching thread — Gutermann is our favorite option, there are so many colors to choose from too!
  • Metal jeans zipper — a nice metal YKK zip will make sure the stretch of the jeans doesn’t break your zip

Pressing Tools

These tools will help you when pressing your jeans; this is one of the most important steps for getting a professional looking pair of jeans. Some of these are tools that you likely already have in your sewing arsenal, but a few are worth adding if you don’t have them already!

  • Tailor’s ham — this is an essential tool for pressing around curves; you can use a rolled up towel in a pinch but this is definitely worth adding to your sewing kit
  • Clapper — this tool makes such a difference in how flat you’re able to press your seams when sewing with bulky fabrics
  • Sleeve board — this one’s definitely optional for jeans, but it can make pressing your leg seams a breeze
  • Seam roll — an alternative to a sleeve board, this is basically a narrow ham that can be used when pressing small spaces.

Finishing Supplies

Add the finishing touches to your jeans with these tools.

  • Awl — this little tool makes a huge difference when installing your buttons and rivets, it makes a nice clean hole through your fabric. Alternatively, you can use a smooth nail.
  • Hammer — you need a hammer to set your button and rivets, plus it’s helpful if you need to flatten seams
  • Anvil — this little mini anvil is so cute! You need a hard metal surface for installing your rivets; the back of a cast iron pan works too!
  • Wire cutter — for trimming down your rivet posts
  • Jeans button
  • Buttonhole chisel — a great way to open your buttonhole through all those layers!
  • X-acto knife — an alternative to the buttonhole chisel (this is what we usually use)
  • Rivets — this is our favorite source

Do you have any favorite jeans sewing supplies that we didn’t list? Any questions? Let us know in the comments!


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