December 11, 2017

Four Fun Ways to Personalize Your Ames Jeans

One of the greatest things about making your own clothes is adding your own touches to them. The Ames Jeans are a great basic jean onto which you can add your own creativity. Here are four fun ways to personalize your Ames Jeans, from subtle to wild!

  • Zipper and topstitching thread

A fun and subtle personalized touch is to use a zipper tape that coordinates with your pocket lining. There are so many colors of the YKK brass jeans zip, that the world is really yours to choose from. I like a classic pop of color like red or a more subtle pop of my favorite color, olive green. Want your color pop to be a little more visible? Use it for your topstitching thread. Maybe just for the button hole or the design on the back pockets to still get a classic look, or topstitch the whole pair in a fun color for a playful look.

  • Back pocket stitching

image from Pepe Jeans

Stitching patterns on the back pockets of jeans are called arcuates and are totally iconic. Brands use these as signatures, but why not develop your own? You can even embroider whatever you’d like back there but the classic is combinations of curved and straight lines. Before you do your stitching, interface your entire pocket, chalk on your pattern if you want, then go to town! This is a fun and simple way to give your jeans a whole lot of personality! Here’s a bunch of inspiration.

The next few ideas are a bit more involved and I definitely recommend testing them out on an old pair of jeans before you hit your brand new Ames Jeans with them!

  • Distressing your Jeans

image from Macy’s

Distressing your jeans can be a fun process and gives a modern vibe. I prefer subtle distressing because it’s much more versatile, but feel free to go wild! Again, definitely test this on an old pair first. If you’re distressing dark denim, you’re going to want to sand the dye down on the front of the legs first using a pumice stone or sandpaper to make the distressing look more natural. Here is a great tutorial for distressing your jeans.

  • Bleaching/Acid Washing

image from

The 90s are back in a big way and bleached denim has come along for the ride. If you want to try out this look on your me-made jeans, definitely try it on an old or thrifted pair first to make sure you like the look! Here’s a great tutorial for spray bleaching.

What ways do you personalize your Ames Jeans? Let us know in the comments and share with us using #AmesJeans on social media!



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