November 20, 2017

Introducing my new Craftsy class, “Full Bust Adjustment for Any Pattern”!

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Full Bust Adjustment for Any Pattern

My Instagram followers may have seen a sneak preview of my recent filming trip to Colorado, but I’m super excited today to officially announce my first Craftsy class, “Full Bust Adjustment for Any Pattern“!

If you have a D cup bust or larger, you likely have challenges getting most sewing patterns to fit you, because typically they’re drafted for a B or C, which is hopeless for an H cup like myself! While my patterns, Cashmerette Patterns, go up to an H cup, the vast majority of sewing patterns don’t, and that’s why learning how to confidently do Full Bust Adjustments can transform your sewing life – suddenly, you’ll be able to make any pattern fit you.

I designed “Full Bust Adjustment for Any Pattern” to be a “soup to nuts” guide to FBAs, going through many different approaches, and answering lots of questions I’ve had over the years I’ve been teaching these methods. If you’re thinking about trying to start doing FBAs on your garments, or you have the basics down but want to start moving into more sophisticated methods, this class is for you!

Full Bust Adjustment for Any Pattern

“Full Bust Adjustment for Any Pattern” Lessons

The lessons cover:

  • The basics of FBAs: why you need them, the theory and how they work
  • How to take measurements, and measure yourself
  • Picking the right pattern size to start with
  • Calculating your FBA and the role ease plays
  • Styles with darts: one dart, two darts, French darts, and adjusting the waist
  • Refining darts: lengthen, shortening, splitting, rotating, sewing and pressing
  • Styles without darts: wovens, knits and cut-on sleeves
  • Princess seams: armhole, shoulder, and tips for sewing
  • Troubleshooting and perfecting: dealing with large FBAs (including the “Y” method), fixing gaping and patterns with no waist seam

Phew! Luckily, if you buy the class you can watch and re-watch at your own pace, and come back to the videos any time you’re tackling a new pattern. It’s a little bit like having me helping you in your sewing room, cheering you on. There are also downloadable class materials with small scale bodice pieces that you can practice your FBAs on, and recommended reading and materials.

Full Bust Adjustment for Any Pattern

Working with Craftsy

Not familiar with Craftsy (known briefly as Bluprint)?  It’s an amazing online teaching platform for crafts, and it has a big focus on garment sewing. Although I’ve made my own online classes independently before, working with Craftsy was a fantastic opportunity to work with a highly experienced group of producers to make the high-production class of my dreams! And, it’s all within the Craftsy platform, which means it’s really easy to watch the classes, and ask questions that I’ll respond to.

Full Bust Adjustment for Any Pattern

If you’re wondering how this class differs from my existing class “Fitting for Curves“, it’s much more focused and in-depth on bust fitting (but doesn’t cover other adjustments such as neck, shoulders, back etc. which Fitting for Curves does). I also had more time to explain the theory in detail, which is great if you’re a beginner just starting to get your head around these types of adjustments.

Full Bust Adjustment for Any Pattern

I’m happy to answer any questions you have about the class, or about my Craftsy experience – and I hope to see some of you over at “Full Bust Adjustment for Any Pattern“!

4 thoughts on “Introducing my new Craftsy class, “Full Bust Adjustment for Any Pattern”!

  1. Tanya says:

    Congratulations, Jenny!!! It looks like a great class with an amazing teacher!

  2. Mary_in_AZ says:

    Glad to see you joined up with Craftsy. It broadens your audience and gives you more exposure on the internet, which you deserve! I see great things happening for you in 2018.

  3. Tamara says:

    I love Craftsy. I am thrilled you have a Craftsy class now. May there be many more.

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