June 5, 2017

Lenox Shirtdress Sewalong Day 5: Assemble and Attach Waistband

Today, we’ll be assembling and attaching the waistband and waistband facing to the bodice of our Lenox Shirtdress. The facing of the waistband will eventually enclose the skirt seam giving a clean finish on the inside of the dress.

Start by sewing the short ends of the front waistband to the back waistband. Do the same with the waistband facing pieces. Make sure you keep the pieces aligned properly; the side with the most notches is the lower edge of all the pieces.

Press the seam allowances of these four seams open. Then press the lower edge of the waistband facing (the uninterfaced one) up by 1/2″ (12mm).

On the inside of the bodice, pin the waistband facing so that the right side of the facing lies against the wrong side of the bodice. Sew this seam at 1/4″ (6mm) and press flat with the facing still flipped up against the bodice.

Now turn the bodice right side out and pin the interfaced waistband along the bottom edge, right sides together and matching the notches. Sew this seam, through the waistband, the bodice, and the waistband facing, at 1/2″ (12mm).

Press the outer waistband down, leaving the inner waistband facing up and pressing the seam allowance down towards the bottom edge. This is what your bodice will look like from the inside now:

The bodice is now complete and is ready to be attached to the skirt. Next time, we’ll get our skirts ready by pleating or gathering them, attaching the pockets, and sewing the center back and side seams.

4 thoughts on “Lenox Shirtdress Sewalong Day 5: Assemble and Attach Waistband

  1. This tutorial is great, but why is there no photos in sections 4, 3, 2 and 1. I would have loved to have seen photos of the burrito method. I have just bought my first cashmerrette patterns, the Upton and the Appleton and I am still gathering fabric and zips to get started. The pattern instructions look great, really simple to follow and I appreciate that. The Lenox will be the next on my list to make up.

    1. Hi Helen – I’m not sure what you’re referring to – you should be seeing photographs in each post. Do you mean you’re not seeing them in the previous sewalong posts?

      1. Madeleine Herring says:

        I think it may have been easier to see if the example had a clearer right and wrong side. Think the Helen means more pictures to see this waistband attachment?

  2. Eveline Lee says:

    Hello there, I just want to congratulate you on such a well fitting pattern. It was a joy to put together. Practically it sews itself. I was expecting a lot of fit issues, having put up with other patterns with the standard B cups for so long. After a few ‘FBA’ experiments I came across your website. So glad I did. I have always been frustrated with the fitted shirt dress, well not any more!
    Thank you.

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