June 2, 2017

Lenox Shirtdress Sewalong Day 4: Sleeves and Side Seams

Now that we’ve accomplished the magic of the burrito yoke, it’s time to attach our sleeves and finish the bodice of our Lenox Shirtdress by sewing the side seams.

First, let’s prepare the sleeves to insert them into the armscye. There is ease in the sleeve cap for freedom of movement, so to fit it in nicely, sew two lines of basting stitches within the seam allowance between the front and back notches.

Now, line up the shoulder notch on the sleeve with the shoulder seam, right sides together, and pin.

Next, match up the front notch with the front princess seam and the back double notch with the yoke seam. Pull the bobbin threads of the two rows of basting stitches to gather the fabric up in between the notches and pin the rest of the sleeve cap in place.

Sew this seam with the sleeve on the bottom so the feed dogs help distribute the ease. Finish the seam allowance and press towards the sleeve. Repeat these steps with the second sleeve.

Fold bodice in half with right sides together and pin the side seam all the way from the waist edge to the end of the sleeve.

Sew this seam, starting at the waist and pivoting at the underarm. Finish the seam allowance and press to the back. Repeat with the second side.

That’s it for today! Next time, we’ll assemble and attach the waistband. Make sure to share your progress with #LenoxShirtdress and let us know if you have any questions!

Let me know what you think!