December 5, 2016

Turner Sewalong Day 5: Finishing Touches


Today is the last day of our Turner Dress sewalong and all that’s left is the hemming and the twirling!

Let’s start by hemming the sleeves. Turn the hem under by 1” to the inside of the sleeve. If you have an especially shifty knit, this is a good time for trusty dusty Wonder Tape! Otherwise, pin from the outside.

Topstitch around the outside of the sleeve catching the hem that you folded under using a twin needle, a small zigzag stitch, or a coverstitch machine.

Repeat these steps for the other sleeve.

For the skirt, repeat the same hemming steps, but turn up the hem 1.5” on the skirt.

Give the hems and the rest of the dress a good press and you’re done!




Now pop on your new Turner Dress and share it with us using #TurnerDress on social media! We can’t wait to see how you style this versatile dress!

5 thoughts on “Turner Sewalong Day 5: Finishing Touches

  1. Debbie Cook says:

    Hey Jenny,

    I’m being lazy and posting on this since it’s your latest blog post, but it is Turner related so there’s that.

    I would love it if you would add the hashtag text to a consistent place for each of your patterns (besides on the actual pattern instructions). Like right now I really want to find all the Turners and look at them. Is it #turnerdress or #cashmeretteturner or #cashmeretteturnerdress or ???

    I was thinking on the product description page would be a logical place to find the info.

    And if I’ve totally overlooked something obvious, please pinch me.

    1. Hi Debbie – they’re all in the format of #turnerdress. So: #appletondress #washingtondress #concordtshirt #uptondress #springfieldtop #harrisonshirt. It’s mentioned in each of the blog post launches and in the launch email, and in the pattern instructions themselves.

  2. Debbie Cook says:

    Thanks Jenny! Off to go look at Turner dresses and start flexing the debit card. 🙂

  3. Debbie Cook says:

    Hey Jenny,
    So, since we seem to be having a conversation here on this post (or is that just me?? oh), I just wanted to say that your polka-dot mesh overlay Turner is FABULOUS. You look so pretty in it – it looks so pretty on you. And in the pics, I can actually see how good you feel wearing it.

    1. Thanks, Debbie! I’ve always been a sucker for lace overlays and polka dots, not to mention knit dresses, so it’s kind of a win-win-win for me.

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