December 15, 2016

Drink, anyone? Burgundy Appleton Dress

Next up in my festive Cashmerette wardrobe: it’s a burgundy Appleton Dress! (And if you want your own, you can pick it up as a kit here).

Cashmerette Appleton Dress

As soon as I found this rich rayon jersey I was totally smitten, and although it was originally intended for the Turner Dress, I decided I needed an Appleton too. The colour works really well as a base for some glittery jewelry and voila! Relaxed party glamour.


Let’s face it though, I’ll wear this all the time anyway. One can never have too many wrap dresses!

Cashmerette Appleton Dress

Have you ever made a fancy party-destined Appleton Dress? I’ve seen some AMAZING stretch velvet versions on Instagram (just search the hashtag #AppletonDress), and some gorgeous maxi-fied dresses, too.

2 thoughts on “Drink, anyone? Burgundy Appleton Dress

  1. Rachel says:

    Lovely as ever, Jenny; and the colours of your location set it off a treat!

  2. Sonia Soraya Ferreiro Jónica says:

    Cómo puedo conseguir los moldes en PDF para imprimir en casa. Tallas 30-32?
    Muchísimas gracias

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