November 18, 2016

Turner Dress Inspiration

The Turner Dress is a classic skater silhouette, which is one of our favorite shapes for everyday wear. It is such a versatile look, and each dress can be styled for a casual day, an office day, or a night out!

Here are some of our favorite skater style dresses from around the web.



Solid colors and neutral patterns make for versatile dresses, easy to dress up or down. I love the subtle textures in these textiles!



Add a little edge to your look with a bright dress and leather jacket, channel the 90’s with plaid, or go sporty with a rich solid and sneakers!



Why not embellish your Turner to make it truly your own? The neckline beading on velvet is a great holiday option as well!

We can’t wait to see what you make with the Turner Dress pattern! Next time, we’ll be sharing some fabric ideas as well!

4 thoughts on “Turner Dress Inspiration

  1. Mary in AZ says:

    Well, I am certainly learning to look at ads differently? Why are these called skater dresses?

    1. I’m not sure what you’re referring to as ads? I believe they’re called skater dresses because they’re like the dresses worn by ice skaters!

      1. Vivid Kitty says:

        That makes so much more sense than the thoughts in my head. I have always pictured girls on skate boards wearing dresses and Dr Martin boots in a 90s grungy way! It seems ridiculous, but amusing, now you have pointed out ice skating dresses. 😀

  2. Such a beautiful design for all girls.

    Thank you

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