August 17, 2016

Springfield Sewalong Day 2: Sew back


Welcome back to the Springfield Top sewalong! Today we’re going to be sewing the back. View A and View B have differently constructed backs, so we’ll deal with them separately.

Sew View A back

  1. Pin back hem band to back, right sides together. Sew, finish seam, and press seam down (in this case, French seams were used – here’s a tutorial on how to do them!).


2. Pin yoke to back right sides together, then sew, finish seam, and press seam down. For a bit of fun, I cut the yoke on the bias! You can experiment with contrast fabric, or playing with the pattern direction.


Sew View B back

  1. Pin center back to one side back, right sides together. Make sure the center piece is the right way up – the wider end should be at the top.



2. Sew seam, finish, and press towards center.



3. Repeat with second side back.


4. Pin yoke to top of constructed back, right sides together.


5. Sew, finish seam, and press down.



And there we have it! Any questions on this step? Next, we’ll be sewing the shoulders and side seams.

One thought on “Springfield Sewalong Day 2: Sew back

  1. ibijau says:

    What fabric did you use for version B? it looks really pretty!

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