May 23, 2016

Introducing the Upton Dress, a woven fit and flare dress

Drumroll please… the latest Cashmerette Pattern is the Upton Dress, a woven fit and flare dress with lots of variations!

While I wear a lot of knits, I knew when I started Cashmerette Patterns that the holy grail would be woven patterns that fit well through the bust, eliminating endless FBAs and gaping armholes. It took a lot of development and testing but today I’m super thrilled to share with you the first woven pattern, the Upton Dress.

Upton Dress

Upton Dress

The Upton Dress has two views, but you can mix and match each part to your heart’s desire, for lots of different looks.

  • Two bodice fronts: scoop neck and V neck
  • Two bodice backs: high and V neck
  • Two skirts: deep box pleats and swooshy gores
  • A separate waistband that hits at the high waist
  • Pockets!


Upton Dress

Upton Dress

Beyond the design variations, the Upton Dress can be made into totally different looks depending on which type of fabric you choose. Want an easy breezy day dress for the summer? Use a double gauze, linen or cotton and you’ll be stylish and casual. Want a more formal dress for a wedding, party or night out on the town? Try silk or firmer fabrics like upholstery weight or jacquard.

Upton Dress

In terms of construction, the bodice is fully lined for a really professional neckline and armhole finish, and the instructions show you how to sew in an invisible zipper entirely by machine – no hand-stitching the lining required. Each step is explained in detail, so it’s classified as an “Advanced Beginner” pattern, though given a little patience I’m sure true beginners could give it a go, too.

Upton Dress Upton Dress

As with all Cashmerette Patterns, it comes in sizes 12 – 28, and cup sizes C – H. Use your body measurements to pick your size, and refer to the finished garment measurements to see the amount of ease. As there are different underlying blocks for the knit and woven patterns, I recommend using the charts to pick your size rather than using the size you’ve used before, as you might find there’s a difference in which you prefer. The pattern is drafted for a height of 5’6″, and there are lengthen/shorten lines on the pieces if you need to adjust.

Upton Dress

From left to right: Melissa is 5’2″, wearing the size 24 C/D in black pique from Mood, Syreeta is 5’11”, wearing the size 16 G/H in gold silk-cotton from Mood, I’m 5’6″, wearing the 18 G/H in Nani Iro double gauze from Miss Matatabi.

The pattern is available now, as a beautifully printed paper pattern or an instant downloadable PDF with print and home and copyshop versions.

And as if that’s not enough, we have some limited edition kits for you too!

The first is a kit with a gorgeous olive crepe with a cream and dark brown pattern – I think that this Upton is probably my favourite to date. The Upton kits also come with the co-ordinating cotton voile lining, and a matching zip so you don’t have to scurry to the store trying to find one. Check out the olive crepe kit here.


The second is a multi-coloured (and gold) printed navy vintage tencel.  Unbelievably, this actually sold out during the pre-sale to newsletter subscribers yesterday! If you’re not already on the newsletter list, there’s a reason to sign up 😀


I hope you love the pattern as much as I do and I can’t wait to see your versions – be sure to tag them with #UptonDress on social media so we can all see your awesome dresses! What variations and fabrics will you be trying?


40 thoughts on “Introducing the Upton Dress, a woven fit and flare dress

  1. sewinsteady says:

    Beautiful! I ALMOST bought (definitely swatched) that lovely gold silk used in the fancy sample the model is wearing. I was thinking of using it for a BHL Elisalex, but I especially love it with your new dress!

    1. Thanks! I adore that gold brocade – it wasn’t cheap but it makes for a very nice looking dress 🙂

  2. Masha says:

    Perfect. I have a wedding to attend this fall and the gored version is going to be perfect!

    1. I can’t wait to see what you make! I might wear it to my brother’s wedding next year…

  3. ibijau says:

    It looks so nice! As soon as I can afford it, I’m ordering it because it sure looks lovely <3

  4. Janet says:

    Thank you for delivering once again. My only wish on this one has a sleeve option. I think the mention of sizes on the models and specific fabrics with links is a brilliant idea. Keep it up.

    1. Denise says:

      Ooh, yes, sleeve options would be awesome!

    2. Stephani says:

      Absolutely–a sleeve option add-on pack would be a great extra.

      1. I hear you on the sleeves – sleeveless and sleeved bodices have to be drafted differently to work, so it wouldn’t be as easy as “adding on” sleeves, as they wouldn’t fit well. So this pattern is sleeveless – but the majority of my patterns have sleeves, and will continue to do so in the future!

        1. Melissa says:

          Shes’s a beaut! I’m all about the fit and flare so I was stoked to make it my first Cashmerette pattern purchase, but then saw that there was no sleeve option. Sniffs. On a different note, I finally saw the hard copy patterns at Spool of Thread in Vancouver last week – packaging looks fantastic – so beautiful up there with Closet Case Files, Thread Theory, Victory etc. Well done!

  5. Nakisha says:

    This is really fantastic and love the V-back version! You ladies look great!

    1. The V-neck back is my favourite too 🙂

  6. Denise says:

    So gorgeous! And non-armhole-gapey! I’m thinking voile or chambray or cotton/linen. Or maybe all 3!

    1. I’ll admit that when I tried on early samples I mostly just stared in the mirror at the armholes in wonder 🙂 All your fabric ideas sound great!

  7. Stephani says:

    LOVE it! Great design, Jenny! I ordered my printed pattern copy as soon as I got the e-mail!

    1. It’s winging its way to you now!

  8. Meg says:

    Lovely!! Just cut one out this afternoon- woo!

  9. Megan @ TheGreenViolet says:

    Congrats, jenny! The samples look great! Can’t wait to try the final pattern.

  10. Mary in AZ says:

    This is wonderful. I can’t wait to get my pattern in the mail. Sleeve options would be great. How about a a coordinating jacket so I can wear this in the office! I am already thinking about a tunic pattern hack.

  11. mizzsmartypants says:

    When I got the email about this pattern release and saw “fit and flare” I was super excited to finally have a reason to buy a Cashmerette pattern. This dress is so pretty, but I don’t wear dresses without sleeves and refuse to buy patterns that I have to make significant changes to. I’m really bummed because I really want to support your company and what you do, but I have yet to actually feel like any of your patterns fit my style. 🙁 Although, this one is definitely the one to come the closest so far.

    1. Mary in AZ says:

      I think we need to be grateful that Jenny is releasing patterns so quickly rather than complaining. A little patience goes a long way. It is a lot of work to create patterns, test them, make changes, test them again, etc etc. Constructive feedback is helpful, which is why there are pattern testers and people who are willing to brain storm and provide ideas. Much more helpful than complaining.

      1. Thanks Mary! Ultimately, not every pattern I launch is going to be everyone’s style or preferred fit, but over time I’ll come out with a variety of patterns and hopefully there’s something for everyone eventually 🙂

      2. Lucy says:

        I don’t think mizzsmartypants was complaining. I think she was saying that she loves what Jenny is doing but sleeveless it not for her. That is good information for Jenny – not a complaint.

        1. mizzsmartypants says:

          I am very happy that Jenny is catering to this market. That is why I really want to be able to support her. And this dress is gorgeous and the first one of her patterns that isn’t just like something I already have a pattern for and that I could see myself wearing. I think that’s why I’m so disappointed that it doesn’t include a version that has sleeves. There are many of us larger gals who don’t like to show our upper arms (for whatever reasons we have.) I probably wouldn’t have said anything at all if I didn’t like the dress so much.

          I do think it’s important to be able to give feedback that she might find useful. I certainly wasn’t the only one to express a disappointment in not having a sleeve option and she did address the comment above and it’s understandable from her point of view. And it’s certainly within her right to make patterns that people like her would enjoy wearing. But it doesn’t change the fact that I’m disappointed that there’s yet another dress pattern out there that is ALMOST exactly what I’m looking for but just not.

  12. sarajane says:

    You are reading my mind! I have been putting off re-drafting a big 3 pattern for a dress like this, and here you are with a pattern I don’t have to fuss with! Placing my order as soon as I hit enter. Thank you!

  13. Geraldine says:

    Hell yeah!

  14. Ginger says:

    Love this! I’ll be ordering soon. If you take future pattern suggestions, how about a straight/pencil skirt. Then I can hack it to the Upton bodice for a sheath dress. :-).

  15. Anne says:

    When deciding what cup size to go by, should I use my actual bra size or full bust minus upper bust?

    1. Hi Anne – you should use your full bust measurement to pick your size.

  16. Wendy says:

    I too would love to have a sleeve option.

  17. Sumiko says:

    Aaaaahhhhh! I’ve been trying to figure out what to make with my first nani IRO double gauze purchase, and this dress will be perfect! I might also try this out for a wedding next month. Excellent timing. And thank you for the pockets. ????

  18. knitmo says:

    Let’s just have a moment of honesty here. I’ve been dreading altering a basic bodice to fit me and my 36H bust, narrow shoulders and swayback. Then comes Cashmerette and I don’t have to! I purchased, printed and assembled the bodice and will be cutting out a dress tonight. Based on my experience with Appleton and Concord, I should be able to cut a straight size and not have to spend hours executing pattern adjustments.

    Dear Jenny, I am informing you that my plans include frequent Frankenpatterning this bodice on to many, many different skirt varieties.

    This is the perfect pattern to reignite my sewing mojo.

  19. Meghan says:

    Hi Jenny – I saw the recommended fabrics but wanted to know… can this be made in a knit? I don’t know enough to know if it will drape properly or stretch too much… I LOVE this pattern and want to replicate a RTW fit and flare knit dress I have. I’ll buy it regardless but would love to know if I can use one of these lovely knits I’ve purchased. Thanks!

  20. EB says:

    Hi… I bought the dress pattern and am super excited to make it. I notice in the instructions that if my full bust falls within two different possible sizes, I should go with the one that most closely matches my waist size. In real life, I wear a G cup size… but my full bust/waist measurement matches most closely to a C/D size.

    I’m a full bust 50″, high bust 44″, waist 42″ which would mean that I should use a 22C/D according to the instructions… (vs 20 G/H)

    Just a little nervous to choose the right pattern size to start. I’m still a beginner and don’t always know how to choose a size correctly. Any guidance would be much appreciated.



  21. Love, love, love this dress!! Bravo!

  22. Bridgette says:

    Cute! Waiting for cash flow. . .

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