March 21, 2016

Free Appleton Top Hack & Expansion Pack!

Since I launched the Appleton Dress I’ve had requests for an Appleton Top hack (and I’ve already seen some cropping up on Instagram!), so today I’m sharing how to transform your Appleton Dress into an Appleton Top. Wrap tops are so, so versatile when you’re putting together an outfit of separates and I think they always look a little more polished than a sweater or cardigan. Ever since I made this one I’ve been wearing it incessantly…

I love wearing my Appleton top with jeans – the mid-hip level suits me, though obviously you can adjust the hem length to whatever works for your figure best (for reference, I”m 5’6″).

Cashmerette Appleton Top

Alternatively, if you tuck your top into a skirt or pants it gives the impression of a cropped length – without any accidental flashing of the tummy when you lean over! No bust flashing, no tummy flashing… Double bonus.

Cashmerette Appleton Top
To add a little bit of interest to the top, I also made four new pattern pieces, which you can download in the free expansion pack. First up, I added a set of cuffs. The mid-length cuff shown here takes it to a “true” three quarter length, halfway down the forearm. The expansion pack also has cuffs for the short and long sleeve length (top tip: you can use the cuffs on the Washington Dress too!).

The expansion pack also includes a brand new shaped waist tie, which flares out at the bottom for a cute look.

Appleton Top Hack

Appleton Top Kits

Finally, you can get a kit to make this exact top! It’s available as a bundle together with the Appleton Dress pattern here at $39.99 for a limited period of time, or if you already have the pattern you can buy the jersey by the yard here.

Cashmerette Appleton Top

Download the free Appleton Top Hack Expansion Pack

To get the Appleton Top Hack tutorial and free expansion pack (containing the three cuff lengths, and the new waist tie) simply click here to download the PDF: Cashmerette Appleton Top Expansion Pack

27 thoughts on “Free Appleton Top Hack & Expansion Pack!

  1. gMarie says:

    That’s so funny! I actually sewed one of these up this past weekend. I love it!! Such a fun look.

    1. Cool, look forward to seeing it!

  2. Jessica says:

    I know I’m a little behind, but I finally got mine cut out so I can start sewing it! Thanks for the expansion!

    1. You’re welcome, and i hope you love your first Appleton!

      1. Jessica says:

        I was looking over the expansion pack and I was wondering about the cuffs. It appears that they have size lines on both sides, but only one side has the sizes labeled. I was confused – are the 2nd set of dashed lines a typo or not? Thanks!

        1. Hi Jessica – that’s consistent with all the pattern pieces, they’re only labeled with sizes at one point on the pattern. Cut the correct dotted line for you!

          1. Jessica says:


  3. Val says:

    Perfect! I just bought and printed the main pattern last night.

  4. Rachel says:

    You are a star, Jenny! I have just the fabric for one of these (Liberty jersey, no less!) which has been waiting patiently for the right pattern to come along. 🙂

  5. Oh, no! Now I’ll have to choose between making a top and a dress each time I find an Appleton appropriate fabric. Thank you for this new complication 🙂

  6. Thanks for the expansion Jenny, I would like to make a new Appleton with cuffs, since you’re asking a collar in the Appleton dress would look terrific!!

    1. You’re welcome! I considered a collar, but the neckband would have to be re-drafted into two pieces, so it would be quite a lot of changes. But it’s definitely possible to hack at home!

  7. Jessica Theodor says:

    I’m prepping a top now, and am somewhat confused by the directions saying not to cut a right front piece, but 2 lefts – the pattern pdfs I have have only one front wrap piece which says to cut 2, which worked fine in my dress – is there a different version or am I being completely dense?

    1. Hi Jessica – the dress front has a separate line to cut for the right and left hand sides, and different length neckbands for the left and right. For the top, I suggest just using the left hand side pieces so you get a bit more coverage.

      1. Jessica Theodor says:

        Thanks, sorry for being dense!

  8. Lizzie says:

    Hi Jenny, I’m loving my wrap top!! I was wondering about another pattern hack to make the wrap top into a crossover T-shirt?? What do you think?

  9. Jen says:

    I’m just finishing up my very first Appleton dress with this AMAZING palm print fabric I got on Craftsy and now I’m going to cut out an Appleton top with this unreal monarch butterfly print fabric that is perfect for summer!

  10. Laura says:

    Hi Jenny, I tried to download the Appleton Top hack and expansion pack but haven’t received an email. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!

    1. Hi Laura – you need to sign up for the download at the email box on this page, it doesn’t look like you’ve done that. Once you sign up, you’ll get a confirmation email asking you to confirm. Then, you’ll get a final email that has the link.

      1. If you haven’t seen a confirmation email, I’d recommend checking your spam folder or promotions folder if you’re on gmail.

  11. Kathy Haggarty says:

    I’m finally making an Appleton, with the top hack. So pretty! I’m thinking that a little flirty peplum bottom would send it over the top. Not sure how to accomplish that, but I’m going to try! Thanks!

  12. Sheryl Luedecke says:

    I really like the Appleton dress. Is it possible to get more coverage with the fabric kit left overs (scraps)?

  13. Heather Gockel says:

    I can’t wait to try this! I’m on a streak, after making 3 Appleton dresses in 1 week (my very first dress, I am hooked!)

    When printing, make sure to select “default” rather than “fit to page”. At first I did fit to page and printed again at 85%. It came close- 1/8″ short over 4″ but tried again on default and that was perfect.

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