December 16, 2015

Washington Dress sewalong: Skirt

It’s skirt day on the Washington Dress sewalong!Cashmerette Washington Dress sewalong

Pin your front yoke piece (double check you have the right one!) to the front skirt piece, matching the center fronts (which you notched last week) and all the notches.


Sew that baby! Then press, pushing the seam allowance down towards the skirt.


Repeat with the back yoke and back skirt. Now, put one on top of the other right sides together, and sew down the side seams – the instructions tell you to do this with a sewing machine but I just did it with my serger because I’m A Rebel.


You want to be sure that the front and back yokes are meeting *precisely* so if you want to be extra sure, then just sew that little junction first and check it’s working before you sew the whole side seam. Here’s what it should look like at the side:


Ta da! You have a skirt. Come back on Friday when we’ll be attaching it to the bodice and will have a bona fide dress.

Any questions on today’s steps?

2 thoughts on “Washington Dress sewalong: Skirt

  1. Susana Pourxet says:

    Sorry, I already left this question but I can’t find it!! It’s about fabric: Can I use ponte or similar for the skirt instead of woven? and that is going to have an effect on size? I’m 47 45 51. TIA

    1. Yes, you can absolutely use ponte, and you most likely don’t need to change sizing given it has positive ease.

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