December 28, 2015

My Top 5 Sewing Pattern Hits of 2015


Well, that was QUITE the year. The one in which I quit my day job, launched a pattern company, grew “long” hair (!), and bought all the fabric in Japan (sorry folks, there’s none left). So I thought I’d jump on Gillian’s lovely bandwagon, and I’ll be doing a post on hits and one on misses. First up, here’s the things that not only did I love, but I also wore the most: my top sewing patterns of 2015. And then, some honorable mentions for garments I loved but are worn less often.

  1. Closet Case Files Ginger Jeans

Heather Lou is a genius. I have been totally converted to jeans-wearing and already have 4 pairs and clearly need to make loads more. The pocket stay totally gives me a flat tummy and I feel like a Certified Sewing Genius every time someone compliments me and I tell them that I MADE them.

Closet Case Files Ginger Jeans

2. Grainline Studio Cascade Duffle Coat

I LOVE THIS COAT. That’s really all there is to it. I wear it constantly and it must be one of my most professional looking garments to date. Another bonus? No fitting. It’s reasonably loose fitting and I fit into the straight 18. The little touches of tartan inside also make me happy.

Paddington Bear Goals: ACHIEVED.


3. Butterick B5929 skirt

Turns out that midi-length 6 gored, faced waistband skirts suit me, are super comfortable, and are one of the easiest ways to look all fancy-pants with minimal effort. I’ve worn this skirt way more than I imagined I would when I made it, but it’s the perfect day-to-night piece, and all I have to do is through on a black scoop neck and I feel like a Fancy Lady.


4. Cashmerette Appleton Dress

Ok Ok I know this is kind of indulgent… but I honestly love this Appleton so much that I’m either wearing it or washing it! I’ve avoided polys in the past, but first, there seem to be “nice” polys and this is one of them – and it washes and dries with no need for ironing, and doesn’t crease after a day in a suitcase. Can’t think of anything better! (I still have a few kits and some yardage left if you want to make your own).


5. Heavily hacked Tilly & The Buttons Arielle Skirt

Having grown up in Scotland I’m a sucker for any type of plaid, and this skirt has become a favourite as a result. It’s super comfy, I love the hidden raspberry lining, and I feel like an “on trend” gal. Though naturally, I’ll continue wearing it when it’s no longer on trend…

Tilly And The Buttons Arielle Skirt hack

A pretty good year’s sewing! I did also want to feature a few other pieces I made this year which I totally loved, but for one reason or another don’t get quite as much wear.

Starting on the left, we have my silk Southport dress that I made for a wedding in Mexico. It’s the ultimate combo of fabric and pattern for me, and I loved wearing it this summer and will no doubt bring it out next. Then, my second Bombshell swimsuit (pattern here)! Nothing like that to make you feel like a fox at the beach. And then, my stripy lace skirt, which makes me happy every time I put it on.


What were your favourite patterns of the year? Do you find your best ones are the ones you wear most often, or do they end up being the “special occasion” outfits?

11 thoughts on “My Top 5 Sewing Pattern Hits of 2015

  1. Dinah Miller says:

    Lovely choices! I’ve recently started following your blog and really enjoy it!

  2. Robin says:

    You truly are a Certified Sewing Genius! Your clothes are beautiful and fit you so well. If I could sew half as well as you, I would be happy!

  3. Nathalie says:

    They all look amazing! I absolutely love that stripy lace skirt, so pretty!

  4. Carolyn says:

    Those are great looks for 2015! Can’t wait to see what’s happening with you in 2016!!!

  5. It’s been great watching your progress this year – well done you! Love your hair in braids too. Here’s hoping for another successful 2016 and some new patterns

  6. mariejose says:

    amazing how beautiful your jeans look authentic made.

  7. gingermakes says:

    I totally agree with your picks- these are all lovely!

  8. celiacmumma says:

    I just bought the Appleton Dress!!! I can’t wait to make it. Gonna debut it at my friends wedding,, Thank you for the pattern!!

  9. Emily C. says:

    I got addicted to the Wiksten Tova Top this year and made… four of them. I’m intrigued by the Duffle Coat and the Ginger jeans, but not quite sure I have the guts (or the budget!) to attempt them! Maybe this year. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your favorite makes!

  10. Donna Vaughan says:

    The Jeans look fab i am going to have to make a pair.

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