January 5, 2015

A McCall’s M2401 for Mum

Instead of making garments for all my family this Christmas (last year’s 4 garments was a bit of a stressful marathon), I decided to go simple for my Dad and brothers (they got Dopp kits), but go all-out for my dear Mum.
My Mum’s known as a rather stylish lady, and she has a signature “look”: fitted sheath dresses in cool fabrics (I guess the fabric thing runs in the family). However, she also really needs an FBA, which is not something available from off-the-rack dresses, regardless of the expense. Around October I had a revelation that it would be pretty simple to create a sheath dress TNT with an FBA, and then any number of dresses would be possible for future gifting opportunities.
And so here is the firstΒ McCall’s M2401, made up with 4ply silk from EmmaOneSock:
McCalls M2401
Look Mum, no straining/gaping!
McCalls M2401

I made up a muslin a few months ago and fitted it when my parents were over in Boston. It required the predicted FBA, a swayback adjustment and a little bit of nipping in at the waist.

McCalls M2401

I underlined the whole thing by hand with silk organza, and made a cream crepe de chine lining. To give a bit more wiggle room in the lining, I sewed the bust darts but not the fisheye waist darts, and that seemed to work well. Β I originally planned to french seam the whole thing but the silk had quite a heavy hand, so I serged the edges and pressed them open instead, and just french seamed the lining.

The final fit is pretty good, but there is a bit of rippling in the back and gaping at the top back when she moves her arms forward.. something to adjust on the pattern before I make it again.

McCalls M2401
Making the gravy for Christmas lunch

I’m really pleased I now have a TNT for Mum – with a little bit of adjusting, it’ll be easy to whip up some in other fabrics in the future (I think a tweed one would be particularly nice). There are also other neckline and sleeve length options that it’d be fun to play with. And the additional bonus? I forgot that when I ordered the fabric I liked it so much, I got an extra 3 yards for me! Woop! So now I just have to decide what to make with it – I’m thinking maybe a swooshy tea length skirt, if I can squeeze it out of 55 inch wide fabric.

McCalls M2401
Play it again, Mum

75 thoughts on “A McCall’s M2401 for Mum

  1. cidell says:

    What a great gift and a terrific looking dress. Also, I need your parent’s Christmas tree in my life.

    1. Jenny says:

      Would you believe it if I told you this one of my Mum’s three trees?! πŸ™‚

  2. Jane says:

    Wow! Your mum’s signature look works really well for her, she looks fab and soooooo classy! That dress is beautifully made Jenny, what a perfect present. x

    1. Jenny says:

      Thanks, I’ll pass it on! What the wrap dress is to me, the sheath dress is to my Mum πŸ™‚

  3. gorgeous dress! you and your mum are so alike!

    1. Jenny says:

      Ha ha ha, thanks! Now I’m growing my hair out, even more so than usual..

  4. Such a great fabric! and a tweed dress – FTW! πŸ˜€

    1. Jenny says:

      It’s got to happen! Xmas 2015 planning, already…

  5. Birgit says:

    Your mum looks stunning in her dress, very classy!

    1. Jenny says:

      Thanks Birgit!

  6. Katie says:

    Lovely! The fit looks great and I love the fabric. I made a TNT for my mum too (a rub-off of one of her own dresses), be warned you’ll now get packages of fabric in the post with a note ‘if you could just make this up for me…’. Luckily I’m happy to oblige!

    1. Jenny says:

      Yeah I was pleased with the fit, because that’s what I was really trying to nail down. That’s so funny about your Mum – luckily mine doesn’t have much access to fabric shopping in Aberdeen so she’s a little constrained…. for now πŸ˜‰

  7. Oh wow, that is so posh and fits BEAUTIFULLY! How clever you are. Your mum looks the bee’s knees πŸ™‚


    1. Jenny says:

      We’re all about the poshness chez Cashmerette!

    2. Jenny says:

      And Happy new year to you too!

  8. Andie L. says:

    Jenny, this is absolutely wonderful! The fabric is perfect and your mum looks so pleased! πŸ™‚ You rock!

    1. Jenny says:

      Thanks Andie! She wore it for Xmas day and for New Years Eve.

  9. tanyamaile says:

    Such a wonderful gift and your mom looks fabulous in it!!

    1. Jenny says:

      Thank you Tanya… luckily I had a good model πŸ˜‰

  10. Sam says:

    Oh, that’s beautiful, what a lovely gift.

    1. Jenny says:

      Thank you Sam – I think it’s all thanks to that gorgeous fabric

  11. Andrea says:

    Oh Jenny! Such a fabulous gift! Your mum looks so elegant in her dress.Your fabric choice was perfect. Your mum’s tree is so perfectly elegant too, I love it.

    1. Jenny says:

      Thanks Andrea! I was actually in touch with Linda at EmmaOneSock for a while trying to find the right fabric and print, and when this one came in, Linda emailed me. How’s that for customer service?

  12. Great dress Jenny! Your Mom looks fantastic in it, like a real regal lady!

    1. Jenny says:

      Ha ha, we go for regal around my house πŸ™‚

  13. Summer F-T says:

    Your Mom looks so happy in her pretty new dress, sewn by a thoughtful DD. Great job!

    1. Jenny says:

      She is happy with it which is great!

  14. Love, love, love this dress on your very attractive mom. It’s perfection. And lucky you having some extra fabric for yourself, because now everyone will want some of it. If you don’t mind, please pin it to our fan gallery on Pinterest. Thanks!

    1. Jenny says:

      Ha yeah I’m looking forward to using it! And: PINNED

  15. Sigrid says:

    Great fitting dress, I love that fabric. What a nice gift.

    1. Jenny says:

      I’m learning it’s a lot easier to fit my Mum than me: who’d have thought?! πŸ˜‰

  16. Gail says:

    Just beautiful! Your mom must be so pleased!

    1. Jenny says:

      Thanks, Gail! She is.

  17. Wow! This looks so great! The fit is perfect, the fabric is amazing, and your mom is a total babe!

    1. Jenny says:

      I’ll pass it on!

  18. Crab and Bee says:

    What a classy dress for a classy mum!

    1. Jenny says:

      We’re all class all the time here!

  19. Texas Urban says:

    Your mom is adorable!
    This is so fab- great job Jenny!
    Happy New Year!

    1. Jenny says:

      Thanks, and Happy New Year!

  20. πŸ™‚

    Very nice and beautiful, all around.

    1. Jenny says:

      Merci buckets Annessa

  21. Michelle says:

    What a gorgeous dress and a fantastic gift! I’m sure that you both hear this all the time, but you really do look like a younger version of her–there clearly are some great genes on that side of the family. πŸ™‚

    1. Jenny says:

      It’s funny because we don’t think that, but I think my hair growing out is making us seem more similar! I do have her legs though, that’s a genetic blessing πŸ™‚

  22. Marjie says:

    Your mum looks so stylish! I’m sure she was delighted with her dress; I especially like the picture of her at the piano; it’s such a different perspective from most photos.

    1. Jenny says:

      My Mum loves playing her piano so I thought it would be a good “real-life” shot!

  23. this dress is gorgeous and so is your mom!! i see where the pretty gene came from πŸ™‚

    1. Jenny says:

      Aw, thanks πŸ™‚

  24. Just lovely. Such a sweet thing to do, and your mum looks incredibly chic.

    1. Jenny says:

      I’m glad I could come up with an appropriately chic dress!

  25. elle3270 says:

    Love the dress and the fabric. Your mum looks awesome in the dress!

  26. Gorgeous dress! Clearly a very classy lady!

    1. Jenny says:

      Class personified, is my Mum πŸ™‚

  27. V says:

    Stunning! I adore that fabric and would race off to buy some if I wasn’t expecting a massive box of fabric in the mail tomorrow. It is stunning on your mum and I can’t wait to see what you make it up into for you. How swooshy of a tea length? Can I say that’s my favorite skirt length? πŸ™‚

    1. Jenny says:

      Ha, it’s sadly all sold out now, but it is gorgeous! It has a really firm hand but feels really luxurious. I’m actually tempted to go super swooshy almost circle skirt like if I can eke it out of the remaining yardage…

    2. V says:

      See! I knew ordering the box of fabric was the right choice! I can’t be tempted by out of stock, which makes it even better. And I’m also fascinated by the prospect of a half to 3/4 circle skirt in tea length on your blog in the near future. Do you self draft your circle skirts or use a pattern?

  28. SJ Kurtz says:

    Ah, what a fab combo of model, fabric and sewist! That’s just all around the best gift!

  29. sewmanju says:

    Lucky mum! Fit and fabric look gorgeous.

    1. Jenny says:

      Well I’m also a lucky daughter… it was made on the sewing machine she bought me πŸ˜€

  30. Kat says:

    You are so nice to sew your mum a dress! It looks beautiful on her. She is a very stylish looking lady!

  31. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift! I’ll be looking forward to seeing more dresses for your Mum in the future. πŸ™‚

    1. Jenny says:

      hahaha as will she!

  32. Wow! You’re a great daughter. You mom looks gorgeous in the dress. That fabric… THAT FABRIC!! It’s really cool that your mom has a signature style! It definitely suits her.

    1. Jenny says:

      Isn’t the fabric awesome? Linda from EmmaOneSock kept it back for me because she knew I was looking for something like that! I love what you can find on EOS.

  33. Tia Dia says:

    What a gorgeous, loving gift for your Mum. It’s a beautiful dress, and she looks so chic!

  34. Love this dress! It’s beautiful on her.. It looks so cozy. πŸ™‚

  35. Great job, your mum looks amazing in it.

  36. BeaJay says:

    What a fabulous dress. I made this dress as my TNT but it didn’t look near as nice as the one you made your mum. I must try that neckline. Great fabric too.

  37. Wow…knock out dress. Looks like the perfect pattern/fabric sitch totally came together here w your swanky mom working it! Easy to see where you get your brilliant sense of style and poise. Gorgeous.

  38. Very pretty dress. It caught my eye that you used 4-ply silk, because I am about to sew a dress using 4-ply silk and I was hoping to avoid underlining it – but – based on your pics, I think underlining was a good idea. I think I better follow your example πŸ™‚ Better safe than sorry!

  39. Deirdre says:

    Just bought this pattern! Your dress is an inspiration to me. I haven’t sewn for myself in ages and would love your opinion on a suitable fabric for it to be made into a little black dress. Im five 2, size 12 _14 with a large bust. Huge thanks!

    1. Hi Deirdre! I would recommend using something that has a bit of weight to it and isn’t too thin. I used 4ply silk but other options would be wool or silk faille. Oh and TNT means “Tried and True” which is patterns that we as sewists go back to again and again because they work well for us!

  40. Deirdre says:

    Ps what does TNT mean?

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