August 4, 2014

Wrapper’s delight (sorry.)

I find my sewing swings like a pendulum between trying exciting new patterns and techniques that are a bit hit or miss, and sewing basics that I know I’ll wear constantly. Summer 2014 seems to be the peak of a basics swing, and while it’s not quite as creative as the other side, it’s arguably even more satisfying.
To that end: I realized the other day that my favourite thing to wear to work in the summer is a short-sleeved wrap dress, and that I was down to a mere three, two of which were, er, tatty. So, I fired up the wrap dress production line: four sets of jersey were cut out and two dresses assembled in a single Sunday, and the other two shortly later. Exciting? Not particularly. But will this now compromise 50% of my summer wardrobe? Almost certainly so.
First up was the OonaPalooza dress, and here’s the next: 
I wasn’t at all sure about this fabric when it was in my stash: I thought it was a little garish and not very me. But now it’s a dress, I love it! Funny how that happens. 
All the usuals here folks, neckline banding, short sleeves…
And this time the pattern isn’t symmetrical so no spinal pattern placement issues!

Simple, basic, and I’ll wear it all the time. Thank you, sewing!

31 thoughts on “Wrapper’s delight (sorry.)

  1. What a glorious dress! The fabric is superb and it fits you beautifully. xx

    1. Jenny says:

      Thanks! I’ve worn it several times since I made it 🙂

  2. Janet says:

    You will have me sewing a wrap dress soon! Have you done a wrap dress tutorial? …or everything you needed to know about sewing a wrap dress? Love it!

    1. Jenny says:

      Hi Janet – I have a section on the blog all about Wrap Dresses – you can see it here: I’m also going to do a tutorial on the neckband finishing sometime soon!

  3. Billie says:

    Very beautiful dress! The fabric is super! I don’t see why you would be hesitant to use it, it suits you very much

    1. Jenny says:

      Thanks Billie!

  4. puu says:

    great fabric choice. glad you went with it – the coloring suits you brilliantly.

    1. Jenny says:

      Cheers- I wasn’t expecting it, but it worked out well!

  5. Julie says:

    The color is gorgeous on you. I have been a bit of lurker on your blog the last few months since I found you but I wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog. I am a fabric shop owner and I just started stocking garment fabric (we mostly have modern quilting fabric). I think I read you more than the quilting blogs now.

    1. Jenny says:

      Thanks Julie, and thanks for de-lurking! Glad you enjoy it and hope the apparel fabric sells well – we need more fabric stores in the world!

  6. The dress is beautiful! Even though this is a go-to garment for you, I think the print turns up the volume and makes this dress special. It’s funny how different a fabric looks as a garment vs. its flat form. It’s a cool transformation.

    1. Jenny says:

      Yes, I was really surprised by the fabric – makes me wonder what else I’m overlooking in my stash…

  7. Megan says:

    lovely! I really need to make some wrap dresses!

    1. Jenny says:

      Do it, Megan!

  8. The print looks great on you! Also just had to say that I really like how that first photo is framed, very cool.

  9. Andrea says:

    The color & print as well as style are lovely on you. Great dress!

    1. Jenny says:

      Cheers Andrea!

  10. sewstylist says:

    Great dress, perfect post title! 😉

    1. Jenny says:

      I’m glad someone got it 🙂

  11. gingermakes says:

    These colors are so good on you! Fabulous dress!

  12. mags says:

    Like the others I particularly like this fabric, the dress really suits you.

    1. Jenny says:

      Thank you Mags

  13. Heather says:

    Oooo the colours! Gorgeous! It looks great on you!

    1. Jenny says:

      They’re unusual, aren’t they? But somehow they work!

  14. Rachel says:

    Really nice! Do you remember where you got that fabric?

    1. Jenny says:

      Eek I’m not sure.. it’s been in my stash forever!

  15. Laurwyn says:

    I will probably quizz you in the coming months because I will make my first knit wrap dress, B5860 and it will need to stay in place, and cover massive bumps, well, mainly one. I also really like this fabric, it is funky but classy in the same time. You know as much about wrap dresses then Yoda of the Force…

  16. You look fabulous. Wrap dresses never look right on me – I love yours though!

  17. Nes says:

    Where have you been all my life?! We are the same size – I swear you’re my body double – and I have been trying to figure out how to sew fashionable outfits for my size. Thanks for what you do. I’m already a fan and you are fabulous.

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