February 8, 2014

Vote now! Buttons

After a final push last night, the coat is ever-so-nearly-there. Just a few things to do – massive pressing session, put in some hem weights, tacking the hem up, reduce the sleeve lining length a little, and do the buttons.

Talking of which. I can’t decide. I have 1.5 inch buttons, and 1.75 inch buttons, both lovely horn sets from LouLou Button in NYC. As luck would have it, my bound buttonholes were slightly generous and can accommodate either.

Two questions for you, dear Cashmerette followers:

1. Big buttons or small buttons?

2. Buttons on the collar or not? My original coat that I’m copying has collar buttons, but they’re 1 inch (of which I do not have).

Help me out!

(Please forgive terrible picture quality – and yes, I do have another large button to make it five…)

7 thoughts on “Vote now! Buttons

  1. Nessa says:

    Go bigger, make a statement!

  2. Gail says:

    Go big or go home! I love the pic on the right – big buttons AND collar buttons. This is looking AH-MAZ-ING, Jenny!

  3. Oh, I like them both so much! I think I’m Team Big Buttons though, as well. And yes, yes, yes on the collar buttons. They are too cute to leave off!

  4. ElleC says:

    I prefer the smaller buttons, with the larger buttons it looks like they are too close to the edge of the coat. To my eye it just looks wrong.

    Sorry to muddy the waters with a differing opinion.

  5. Kathie says:

    The smaller buttons aren’t that much smaller and the proportion is better. The coat is amazing.

  6. TheWilsonZoo says:

    I prefer the smaller buttons. The larger buttons just look out of proportion somehow. Although I do like the collar buttons!

Let me know what you think!