January 8, 2014

Everyone loves a Christmas party dress

Aaaaannnd the final major Christmas sewing project! Another set of Figgy’s dresses for my honorary kids on the West Coast. I decided to try to make some fun and festive dresses for the holiday season. For little Z, I used the last of the fabric I made my dotty delight pencil skirt with, and then added blue stretch cotton for the pockets and sleeves. Chic, non?

It fits!

And for her sister, B, a dress made with Nani Iro turquoise and silver polka dot double gauze. I pre-washed the fabric and it dramatically changed texture – into a very soft cotton which feels like it’s been worn for years. That did make it a *touch* difficult to sew with and to press, but I still think it came out pretty nicely:

Clearly a pattern matching FAIL at the back… oops. I could have paid more attention but hopefully the 5 year old population of Seattle won’t be too judgmental.

And the final flourish!

One thought on “Everyone loves a Christmas party dress

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