December 26, 2013

Top 5 Hits of 2013: Selfless sewing

First, a confession. Really, this is no selfless sewing: the oxytocin hit I get when seeing small people wearing my outfits is more than enough to outweigh the effort it takes to make them. This list is strictly pre-Christmas, due to a backlog of unblogged Christmas gifts, but there’s still enough for me to have a top 5!

So here they are:

1. Figgy’s triangle dresses for my Seattle beauties

I love this pattern so hard: if it were in a an adult size, I’d wear it in an instant. Even though the curved pockets are a total *bear* (just bear in mind that the illustrations in the instruction leaflet are wrong, and follow your instincts!). However it was worth it for these little cuties:

Oliver+S make the best patterns for little people- and this was also my first foray into knits for kids. If the random photo messages I get are anything to go by, the t-shirt is particularly a hit, and has now been worn to weddings, graduations and ordinations! I like it so much I made it… several times.

3. Hats!

Another first: my debut in the millinery world. I was able to use scraps of fabric I got for free at FabMo in Palo Alto this summer, and three little ladies got some reversible hats for summer.

4. A totally Tom tie

Yet another first (there’s a theme here….): my first pieces of “menswear” and my first tie! My brother Tom was the proud recipient, on the occasion of his graduation from college. He wore it to my best friend’s ordination in London, and apparently, many times since:

5. The arrows washbag

And finally: my first little washbag. Made for Mr. B, and particularly dear to me because I know he *actually uses it*. Yay!

Phew! So that’s it for 2013. I’m hoping 2014 will yield a coat, perhaps my first pair of trousers (jeans, even?) and a whole lot more baby-clothes making.

Let me know what you think!