January 27, 2013

Giant Jaffa cakes and Valentine’s terriers.

First things first: this was the Crafternoon with the inaugural “Pimp Your Snack” contribution, as brought/invented by Ms O’Driscoll. Roll up, roll up it’s…. a GIANT Jaffa Cake! 
Here are some regular Jaffa cake/GIANT Jaffa cake comparisons: 

And my, was it delicious. Unfortunately though it was not possible to dunk it into a cup of tea.

So, once we’d all got over our shock and awe at this masterpiece, we got on with the task of the afternoon which was embroidering tote bags – luckily, I’d made them earlier. 

First step: decide what you want to embroider. Lauren bought her locally famous Japanese embroidery books which have incredibly adorable designs in them:

And Andrea demonstrated the patterns available:

Here were the essential tools of the afternoon:

And then we got down to business!

It was a particularly successful crafternoon, because, for once, everyone finished! What good crafters we are. Here are the final masterpieces:
Jenny and Lauren’s babies-in-the-bath and valentine’s-terrier bags:

Courtney’s Hawaiian flower:

Jenny and Andrea’s walking dogs and Japanese circles:

Anna’s teapot (tea cup on the reverse!)

And Leah’s birdie in a tree (with pink buds, which should be noted!)

Now, it’s back out into the bitter cold with only the promise of February crafternoon to get us through the winter…. 

2 thoughts on “Giant Jaffa cakes and Valentine’s terriers.

  1. Lauren says:

    Love the bags, Ladies! Anna, I love the kettle. And Leah, those pink buds are gorgeous! Well done everyone. xxx

  2. Nina Blatter says:

    What a fab idea!! Really impressive – well done everyone!

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