November 14, 2012

Terrarium madness!

After a lengthy summer hiatus  – during which tea-making facilities were not available chez Cashmerette #1 and hence any civilized get-togethers were *impossible* – Crafternoons are back!  
This time, we directed our attention towards that new trend: terrariums (a.k.a. terraniums). Luckily, Mahoney’s Garden Center had a “build your own terrarium” area which was extremely helpful for gathering up our supplies: glass bowl/vase things, charcoal, potting mix, gravel, moss and little plants. 

The upside to terrarium-making: they’re so cool!

The downside to terrarium-making: they are *very* fast to make. Observe:

Put a draining gravel layer in your glass bowl

Put a layer of charcoal on top of that (apparently it stops the terrarium going mouldy given they don’t drain):

Then stick some soil in, then plants and moss! DONE!

It was a small but perfectly formed group of Cashmerettians. Scratch that – we were missing Cashmerette #2, hence it was small but ever so slightly deformed 🙁 

Here you can observe the high levels of detail with which crafters attend to our projects:

And here they are! Worthy of any hipster hangout.

At this point, we descended into various jewellery making, picture framing, calligraphy-doing and gossiping, which was delightful.

Bring on Christmas Crafternoon! What do you think we should make?

Let me know what you think!