May 8, 2012


One of the joys of learning to sew is that it makes you see the world in a slightly different way.

Take this equation.

One Gilt Group Daily Deal maxi skirt (RRP, $100):


3 yards of stripy jersey from


One jersey maxi skirt tutorial from the marvelously pregnant author of Elle Apparel! 

Continue to solve for that equation, readers, and what do you get?


Yes, this was my first ever ‘ready to wear’ rip-off! And quite proud of myself too, I am.
The pattern itself was super easy, just requiring four pieces, and two pattern blocks that I made from butcher paper (because trust me, I’ll be making this again). You read all the time on sewing blogs “oh this took me only 3 hours” but this ACTUALLY DID.

The main time was spent trying to get the stripes to line up. Because the pieces are slightly A line they couldn’t match up perfectly horizontally, but I wanted them to meet even though it was at a slight angle.

I used a tutorial from Colette on stripe matching, which made a lot of sense. Step 1 is make sure when you fold your fabric that the stripes are aligned. Knit fabric tends to shift, so I essentially had to pin the fabric together on every single stripe to make sure it matched up:

Then, when I had one piece done, I laid it back down on the fabric in line with the stripes, and used it as a template to make the next piece exactly the same. If you look really carefully at the photo below you can see that there’s a piece on the top, then butcher paper, then the fabric underneath that I’m about to cut:

And here is the toe-skimming result!

And it goes really well with a little purple cardi which my Mum bought me recently, so yay for prescient Mums!

2 thoughts on “Do-it-yourself!

  1. Lauren says:

    Oh my goodness, yours is exactly the same as the Gilt Group one! But you have MUCH better styling 🙂

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