February 7, 2012

Mildly obsessive? *Me*?!

Well it is all a-change here at Cashmerette Heights, or at least at our South End branch. For after 11 long years of working at the place of immeasurable freebies and mild brainwashing, I am off! And before I start anew, I have Three. Whole. Weeks. entirely devoted to leisure. And we all know what this means Cashmerette readers….. it’s a CRAFTSPLOSION!

This has happened before, I’ll admit. Sometimes I get fixated on crafty things and can’t stop thinking about them. I don’t often put a bird on it (yet) , but I often put bunting on it,or get obsessed with embroidering everything (I swear for a period of about a month, every time the boyf mentioned a noun I thought “hmmmm could I embroider that?!”).

But this is the first time that I actually have the free time to execute! How exhilarating. So here is the planned list of crafty projects to be undertaken in the afternoon after daily yoga (Self-improvement? Moi?).

1. MASTER THE WRAP DRESS. Eagle-eyed readers may remember that this is what brought me to sewing in the first place. And led to my almost instant disappointment when I realised that I needed a serger, and I couldn’t justify buying two sewing machines in the space of a month. Luckily for me I have a *very* attentive and generous Santa in my life, and now I have the tools! And a pattern! And the time! This is definitely the most important project which I am determined to figure out.

Here’s the pattern I’ll use:

2. Draft and make a pencil skirt. If the internets is anything to go by, making a tailored pencil skirt is actually not that hard, and it would be most satisfying making something that fits perfectly (the joy of the wrap dress of course being that you wrap it round yourself till it fits… but that’s another type of satisfaction). Winmill Fabrics,while generally not my favourite place, does have a great range of cool suiting fabrics, so I’m planning to get some and make this. And also maybe even put in a vent and lining….

The plan:

3. Make a long sleeved low scoop neck t-shirt. I bought this great pattern for the “Renfrew Top” from Sewaholic and if I can master this, between the wrap dress and the tshirts I will have covered approximately 87% of my wardrobe needs.

4. PUT CRAZY SLEEVES ON EVERYTHING! Personal friends are aware that I am in possession of a singularly cool and flattering DVF dress which has “wings” on it, and lo and behold but I have discovered that this ridiculously beautiful Australian blogger lady has only gone and posted a tutorial on it. I watched it on YouTube in the back of a taxi in Kentucky today, I kid you not. I am absurdly excited about this: at the very minimum, I shall be making some low scoop neck tops with frilly sleeves, and at least one dress. And perhaps putting them on everything else in my wardrobe. Maybe.

5. Finish my quilt. Ahem. I think I have done about 20 blocks of the over 100 at this point, but unless I make a bit of progress in this 3 weeks I don’t see it happening, so onwards and upwards!

Hmmm writing it all down makes it seem a lot more real… and ambitious. But hey, reach for the stars and you’ll grab the moon. Or a rose sleeve. Something like that, right?


Let me know what you think!